Boost Blow

Boost Blow
You can never have too many strokers, and for a non-powered option, the Boost Blow is a great addition for the oral aficionado. Smooth and soft TPE with the hard-shell plastic canister makes it easy to grip and wield, even with a little extra lubrication. Designed to simulate a mouth with a matching little tongue, the combination of nubs, ripples and a signature suspended O ring makes it feel mesmerizing. The canister comes with a rubber nub at the bottom to increase or remove natural suction from the open channel design, which also makes cleaning super simple with a toy cleaner and quick rinse!

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Manufacturer Description:

Everything you love about Fleshlight. Cranked up to eleven and packed with more new features than any product since the original.

Featuring our cutting-edge Turbo Tech. A matching pair of floating inner rings, work together to create a firm grip as you enter the Boost inner core, followed by a relentless gauntlet of sensations!

Uniquely engineered with our patented multiple suspended entry points, each layer is built to immediately grab hold of your member, delivering a variety of textured stimulation while deep inside.

Control is in your hands, quite literally, with the Boost control cap. Tailor the intensity to your liking, from gentle teasing to an all-consuming vacuum of pleasure. Unlock a world of sensations by simply turning the dial.

Unleash your imagination. Let the Fleshlight Boost guide you on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery. Elevate your pleasure game and embrace the extraordinary with our groundbreaking male pleasure device.

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