MsChief Ylang Ylang Natural Lubricant

TTK Healthcare
MsChief Ylang Ylang Natural Lubricant
Dive into pleasure with this lovely new water based natural lubricant. Flip the cap open and dispense the desired amount you’d like to use. This lube is free of sugars, oils and parabens; however, it does come with some wonderful ingredients. Infused with the extracts and scent of Ylang Ylang, it also contains sea buckthorn extracts, vitamin E and aloe vera. It helps to maintain the PH balance of the skin while also providing moisture. It can be used to enhance pleasure and reduce friction with your body or favorite toy.

Manufacturer Description:

Dribble a few drops of the Mschief Ylang Ylang water lube and enter into a whirlwind of intense pleasure. It is laced with the natural extracts and aroma from the infusion of sea buckthorn, Vitamin E, and aloe vera, making it the right choice for an unforgettable experience. Make way for waves of ecstasy to run through you with this Ylang Ylang flavored lube.

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