MsChief Tea & Peach Natural Lubricant

TTK Healthcare
MsChief Tea & Peach Natural Lubricant
Did someone get the kettle ready? This water-based lubricant smells like a fresh cup of tea being poured with a distinctive peach note that smells natural and smooth. It has a nice smooth consistency that isn’t too runny or thick all while staying right where you want it without dripping down your body. Made without sugar, parabens or glycerin, it is perfectly safe for vaginal or anal use and includes aloe vera, vitamin E and other ingredients that help maintain your natural pH balance.

Manufacturer Description:

With Mschief’s Tea and Peach Natural Lubricant, there is no friction. This contains the natural wellness of aloe vera, vitamin E, and sea buckthorn. It is extremely skin-friendly and safe to use. With this all-natural lubricant, you can easily glide through the night and have an earth-shattering experience.

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