Aiko: Life Size Anime Silicone Sex Doll

Aiko: Life Size Anime Silicone Sex Doll
According to the popular 2017-2019 sci-fi anime — available on Netflix — and manga series of the same name, A.I.C.O. stands for Artificial and Intelligent Cellular Organism, a shadowy government program to develop life-like forms. But A.I.C.O. is also connected to beautiful student Aiko, whose name means “little loved one” in Japanese.

Which brings us to LoveNestle’s Aiko. This slimthicc sex doll torso is described by her accompanying literature as a professional cosplayer who also happens to be a master at role-play. Like her anime counterpart, Aiko can be an artificial and intelligent cellular organism or a little loved one. She’s ready, in fact, to be anything you want her to be.

Confirming the superkawaii vibe, Aiko’s makers have deliberately crafted this female simulacrum to have “a killer anime body” and to be “personable and very attractive, exuding a bright and sexy vibe that has made her a goddess in the hearts of many an otaku.”

A versatile 31.66 pounds, the basic Aiko model retails at $589 and, like other LoveNestle silicone companions, is eminently customizable from an extensive menu of add-ons.

Made of body-safe silicone (available both as regular and ultra-soft), Aiko offers two of her realistically rendered orifices — 7-inch-deep vagina and 5-inch-deep anus providing beaded friction — for erotic insertion. Lube — not provided — is not only advisable but a must for uncircumcised play partners.

The headless, limbless waifu is the “embodiment of anime fans' dreams,” said a rep. “A perfect, captivating figure crafted to embody all those endlessly fantasized features of anime pinups — a dramatically slender waist, a well-tempered butt, and hentai-ready round boobs.”

A signature featured of Aiko is what LoveNestle refers to as “her LoveAss,” described by her makers as a heavenly delight offering an experience like no other.

“Aiko’s LoveAss’ immersive embrace will leave you in a state of pure ecstasy,” the rep waxed rhapsodic. “Go ahead. Feel her ass against your body. Let yourself go. Let the sensation take you to a place of pure bliss.”

And what would an animetastic torso girl doll be without her signature pendulous, supple LoveBoobs?

“Indulge in the gentle waves of LoveBoobs as much as you like,” the rep enticed, like in a trance. “The alluring curves of Aiko's bosom move with a grace and charm that is simply irresistible.”

So, will she be senpai or kouhai? Will she be a little tsundere or will she prove compliant from the get-go? Will her supple curves dazzle and griping tightness bedevil you until making you scream ‘Sugoi!’? With Aiko in your possession, the possibilities are literally endless.

Manufacturer Description:

LoveNestle is a renowned brand specializing in producing premium silicone sex doll torsos. We take pride in creating lifelike and realistic products that closely mimic the appearance of human beings. Our dedicated team meticulously designs each doll, ensuring accurate body shape, height, and lifelike skin texture, using only the finest medical-grade silicone materials available.

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