Pocket Tenga  Block Edge

Pocket Tenga  Block Edge
Sometimes, I just got to unload whenever I get a hard on, but I get sick and tired of using my right hand all the time. But the Pocket Tenga Block Edge contains the best whack off gizmo I’ve felt in a long time. This masturbation sleeve is made of a really stretchy rubber and comes with its own packet of lube. I unfurled it, squeezed the lube in it and slapped it onto my wiggling boner. Geeze! The inside texture has all these squares on it, and it was like each one was sucking and licking my cock at the same time. It stretched all the way down to my pubes and hugged my cock head nice. I barely got time to enjoy it because I shot my load in it so quick – it was that good.

Manufacturer Description:

Tengas's latest innovations comes in the form of the disposable Pocket Tenga. The concept of Pocket Tenga is the ultimate in compact and convenience. Each Pocket Tenga has a sleeve packaged in a flat package making it ideal to carry it with you in your pocket. Tengas's Play Gel Natural Wet Lotion is included in the package making Pocket Tengas ready whenever you are. Simply open the package and the lotion within, place the lotion into the sleeve and it is ready to be used. Cleanup is just as easy, just place all trash back into the package, use the seal sticker to close the package and dispose of it. This material is very stretchy to fit virtually any size and shape. Stretching the material as you stroke changes the shape of the textures for stimulation.

The Block Edge version includes includes rumbling sensational squares for new forms of pleasure. Pocket TENGA is a fantastic gift and perfect for your masturbation needs when traveling.

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