Night Masturbator

Night Masturbator
The first thing I noticed when I laid my eyes on this toy was it looked like a sleek water bottle — very inconspicuous. I like the fact that people have to guess whether it is a sex toy or not. Using the Twijoy was a unique experience, as it was my first time playing with an app-controlled toy for penis owners. This masturbator is very easy to use, with various buttons for different functions. One suction button allows you to rotate through seven modes of suction that will bring you to your knees. The exhaust button is there to allow you to take a break, and finally, it has a pressure button to increase pressure to intensity your orgasm. You can play with this toy solo or with a partner. How might you ask? Its app controlled and can be controlled from long distances. If you’re looking for a unique masturbator, this is it!

Manufacturer Description:

With TWIJOY app, you can choose your favorite cam models take the reins. The NIGHT automated masturbator will make you fully immerse yourself in the moment and let go of all inhibitions. Let your partner take control and experience the thrill of being completely at their mercy.

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