Watermelon Mint Flavored Lube

Watermelon Mint Flavored Lube
Lanua Watermelon Mint Lube has a refreshing flavor to add a unique twist to oral play.Aside from its mouthwatering taste, this lube's performance is equally impressive. The water-based formula glides smoothly, and I especially loved the body-safe and natural ingredients that is apparent from the clean taste. Lanua Watermelon Mint Lube is a versatile lube for all kinds of play. The pretty packaging is discreet and elegant so I will be keeping a bottle of this handy on my nightstand.

Manufacturer Description:

Created with top-quality plant-based ingredients, our Watermelon Mint lubricant is naturally flavored, clean, and effective. Glycerin and propylene glycol free, our expertly formulated lube is never sticky or tacky, doesn’t have an aftertaste, and doesn’t require cleanup.

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Bryn Muniz