Loverboy Butt Stroker the Surfer Dude

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Loverboy Butt Stroker the Surfer Dude
Stepping a little out of my comfort zone, I tried the Loverboy Butt Stroker by Blush. This stroker comes in very cool packaging and doesn't overdo it by alerting everyone that this is a toy for the LGBTQIA+ community, which I like because some folks may be discreet or just not ready/comfortable for folks to know their sexual preference or pleasure. When you take off the wrapping and unscrew the cap, you're greeted with a butt and a tight, small hole waiting for you to penetrate. This toy is self-lubricating and textured on the inside for more intense pleasure. If you want to simulate the tightness of a butt, you can squeeze the cup and close the air value for more suction tightness. This product is made of ultra-soft X5 plus, which makes this toy feel realistic. If you're looking for a discrete pleasure product, the Loverboy Butt Stroker the Suffer Dude is bound to show you a gnarly and wicked time.

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Manufacturer Description:

The Surfer Dude is loaded with fun! This pocket stroker is self lubricating, just add a little water or saliva and everything gets slippery. Squeeze the cup and open or close the PerfectFlo Air Valve Control for more suction and pleasure. The Loverboy masturbators are soft, flexible, and filled with sensational textures that will drive you over the edge! The Surfer Dude contains no Phthalates, Paraffins, or Latex and is so realistic… It feels like the real thing. It’s time to ride the waves of pleasure! Self-lubricating properties are temporary. It will last up to 12 uses. To clean, wash with soap and water. Pat dry and allow to air dry before storing. Use products only with water based lubricants. It is recommended to start using water-based lubricants after self-lubricating properties begin to diminish.

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