Peach Keen Nipple Cream

Peach Keen Nipple Cream
This was my partner’s first-time trying nipple cream, and I have to admit she was skeptical. She never believed these creams worked, but boy, was she wrong. She was modest with the application on both of her nipples, and she noticed it worked quickly. It feels just as described. If you are turned on when cold air hits your nips, this cream gives you that “cool breeze” immediately. It’s a nice addition if you’re looking to add to foreplay. I felt like adding this cream for foreplay intensified the experience. I’m eager to add a thicker layer of cream next go round.

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Manufacturer Description:

Add a nip of naughty to your night with our Peachy Keen Nipple Arousal Cream. This vegan, paraben free formula is smooth and creamy, lovely for hydrating your skin while producing a gentle tingling sensation you'll feel all the way down to your toes!

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