The Big Bang

Zero Tolerance
The Big Bang
Lasso your big banger with this versatile, lasso-type adjustable cock ring. The chunky body holds a multi-speed tapper for clit delights when pressed against a willing vulva. The bead of the lasso can snuggle up firmly against a penis to provide gentle constriction for more explosive ejaculations. But don’t forget about his balls! Two heavy, marble-sized metal balls dangle freely below to stimulate and tease those testicles, to give them the love and attention they so richly deserve. Silicone and waterproof, this gizmo is a nice break from the typical world of cock rings and provides a different type of action for all those who want to indulge in something unique.

Manufacturer Description:

Introducing a unique ring design that’s super comfortable and fiercely titillating. Adjustable silicone straps tie around you like a drawstring and finish with two stainless-steel balls that dangle and massage as they move. The chunky centerpiece features a powerful tapping motor that stimulates in 10 glorious speeds wherever you place it - and the 1-button control is nestled into a stylish chrome-finished plate. Enjoy your long-lasting pleasure underwater as it’s completely submersible, easy to clean, and recharges via USB

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