Warming White Peach Organic Gourmet Oil

Warming White Peach Organic Gourmet Oil

If I only had one word to describe Exsens’ Warming White Peach Organic massage oil, it would be “yum.” Everything about this massage oil is absolutely delectable! The pump that distributes the lube works with ease and makes it easy for you to get just the amount of oil that you want.

The delicious white peach fragrance filled the room while my honey and I started giving each other massages. The warming sensation is felt immediately and both the massage giver and receiver feel that warm “zing”! This massage oil really enhanced the intimacy between my partner and me that night. I can’t wait to use it again and again.

Market Appeal

The Warming White Peach Organic massage oil by Exsens comes packaged in a beautiful, stylish packaging featuring a fun kaleidoscope design with peaches and water splashes and sexy bikini-clad hips. The elegant package is perfect for in-store displays. A sampler bottle will really sell this item — because all you’ll need is a few drips to smell and experience the benefits of this massage oil.

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Manufacturer Description:

Organic Massage Oil with warming effect.

Discover gourmet massages for moments of intimicy and awakening desire. Mouth-to-skin contact intensifies the heating effect.

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