Strawberry Massage Oil

Strawberry Massage Oil

Anyone who has ever searched for tasty, no-aftertaste, sugar-free, warming massage oil knows it is fairly hard to come by. Look no further. Strawberry Massage Oil by Exsens is just that. It isn’t sticky or tacky, it tastes amazing, and delivers a great massage to which one does not need to consistently re-apply. It’s light and refreshing, as if you’re taking a bite out of the fruit itself. Sugar-free oils are a must for me as they can cause yeast infections so this just makes it that much more desirable. Unfortunately, when you find sugar-free products, often times it leaves you with a less desirable after taste in your mouth…not this. The same taste you have a first lick is the taste that lingers in your mouth well after you are done tasting your partner. To make is even more of a sensual massage, it warms to the touch. What better way to start, or end, a hot and tasty evening?

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Manufacturer Description:

Exsens of Paris Strawberry Massage Oil is warm and delicate. The tenderness that precedes a night of hot pleasure, accompanied by a gentle strawberry aroma. Exsens massage oil is a 2 in 1 Formula, Massage Oil with warming effect. Discover gourmet massages for moments of intimacy and awakening desire. Mouth-to-skin contact intensifies the heating effect. Delicious strawberry taste, silky smooth, not sticky, no bitter aftertaste, and sugar free. Comes with glow-in-the-dark strips on the bottle. Exsens of Paris Massage oil comes in a travel friendly 1.7 oz. bottle.

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