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Utah AG Files Lawsuit Alleging TikTok LIVE is a 'Virtual Strip Club'

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes filed a lawsuit in state court Monday alleging that TikTok’s feature TikTok LIVE operates “like a virtual strip club.”

Utah Legislature Passes Mandatory Porn Filter Bill

The Utah state legislature has passed a bill establishing liability for any electronics manufacturer worldwide that fails to install and activate a default anti-porn filter on devices sold in the Mormon-majority state.

Utah Sen. Mike Lee Questions First Amendment Protections for Sexual Content

Utah newspaper Deseret News has published an interview with U.S. Senator Mike Lee, in which he champions ongoing efforts to limit access to adult content online in the name of fighting “porn addiction.”

Utah Senator Hijacks Taylor Swift AI Controversy to Push for Anti-Porn Policy

Anti-porn U.S. Senator Mike Lee has inserted himself into the controversy over recent nonconsensual AI content featuring pop singer Taylor Swift, by advocating for a new federal law that would mirror a current, extreme Utah law targeting consensual adult content.

Utah's Leading Anti-Porn Crusader Proposes Jail Time Over 'Porn Filter' Activation

Utah’s leading anti-porn crusader, state Sen. Todd Weiler, has introduced a measure mandating prison time for any electronics manufacturer worldwide who fails to install and activate a default anti-porn filter on devices sold in the Mormon-majority state.

Sen. Mike Lee Introduces Bill to Expand Utah's Anti-Porn AV Law Nationwide

Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) on Tuesday reintroduced his proposal for a federal age-verification law that would expand Utah’s anti-porn legislation, promoted by religious conservatives, to the entire United States.

Utah Proposes Rule to Check People's Age Online

The state of Utah on Monday released its first proposed rule to regulate how social media platforms verify the age of their users in the state.

Pennsylvania Republican Reintroduces 'Mandatory Porn Filter' Copycat Bill

Republican State Rep. Jim Gregory has reintroduced a copycat bill to require electronics manufacturers to activate “porn filters” on all devices sold in Pennsylvania.

Reason Probes Abuse Allegations in Utah's 'Anti-Porn Treatment' Programs

An in-depth report in the September issue of Reason magazine sheds light on abuse allegations surrounding a Utah anti-porn “treatment program” and other “troubled teen industry” re-education camps.”

FSC to Appeal Following Utah Judge's Dismissal of 'Age Verification' Challenge

After a Utah judge on Tuesday morning granted the state its motion to dismiss Free Speech Coalition's challenge to a new, vaguely worded "age verification" mandate, the adult industry trade group announced that it will appeal that decision.

The Bible Exempted From Utah's Draconian Anti-Porn Law

A Utah school board that ordered the Bible removed from certain school libraries, as it was found to be in violation of Utah’s draconian new anti-porn law, reversed course on Tuesday after community pressure to exempt scriptural descriptions of incest, rape and other sexual matters from censorship.

Pornhub Releases New Video Urging Action Against Anti-Porn Legislation

Pornhub has released a new video featuring Cherie DeVille urging viewers to contact their representatives to weigh in on the current blitz of anti-porn legislation being proposed around the country.

Spanish Anti-Porn Activists Demand Laws to Match Utah and China

Local Spanish politicians and activists are demanding anti-porn legislation to mirror current initiatives in France, Germany, Utah and even China.

FSC Asks Court to Block Utah Age-Verification Law

Free Speech Coalition has filed a motion for preliminary injunction of Utah's age-verification law, asking the district judge to block its enforcement pending resolution of the case.

Alabama House Passes Republican Rep's Utah Copycat 'Porn Filter' Bill

The Alabama House of Representatives last week approved a bill copying legislation passed in Utah in 2021, aiming to force phone and computer manufacturers to install default “porn filters” on devices sold in the state.

Cherie DeVille Pens Essay for Rolling Stone on Utah's Anti-Porn Law

Cherie DeVille has written an essay for Rolling Stone expressing concern about a new Utah law requiring adult sites to verify users’ ages.

Rolling Stone Surveys Ongoing Republican War on Porn

Rolling Stone magazine this week published a report on the ongoing anti-porn crusades in Republican-controlled states.

FSC Files Legal Challenge to Utah's Anti-Porn Law

Free Speech Coalition filed suit Wednesday in the United States District Court for the District of Utah to overturn the state’s new anti-porn law, SB 287.

FSC Issues Open Letter to Anti-Porn Utah Senator Over New AV Law

Free Speech Coalition Executive Director Alison Boden on Tuesday issued an open letter addressed to the Utah Senate’s leading anti-porn activist, requesting clarification on how adult sites might comply with SB 287, the state’s controversial new age verification law.

Pornhub Disables Access From Utah in Response to Anti-Porn Law

Pornhub today disabled access to its platform from all Utah IP addresses, in response to the state’s latest anti-porn law, which goes into effect Wednesday.