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Researcher: Porn Addiction a 'Fiction'

A University of Auckland researcher who studied claims of compulsive behavior among men who watch adult content reports that the concept of “porn addiction” is “a fiction.”

Meet 'Abstinence Bar,' the Homegrown Chinese Version of #NoFap

A new article by a Chinese academic sheds light on “Abstinence Bar,” China’s homegrown version of the #NoFap semen-retention movement, which also endorses the scientifically discredited, Medieval/Victorian idea that cis men lose a kind of masculine “vital energy” whenever they ejaculate.

New Study Debunks Myth About Men Who Watch Porn

A new study by a neuroscientist from the Kinsey Institute found no scientific basis to the persistent myth, peddled by religiously inspired War On Porn crusaders and #NoFap semen-retention cultists, claiming that watching porn can cause erectile disfunction in men.

Slate Shines a Light on 'Porn Addiction' Industry, #NoFap Movement

Slate magazine has published a detailed account of the current trend of evangelical men becoming convinced that they experience “porn addiction,” and how this feeds into both a lucrative cottage industry to “cure” them and also into War On Porn propaganda and myth-based campaigns like the Reddit-driven #NoFap.

Report: Nutting Continued Unabated Through November

An informal study by Mashable reporter Andy Moser concluded that #NoNutNovember, an internet-based phenomenon associated with the masculinist cult of semen retention spreading around online forums, has once again been a failure.