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NCOSE CEO Repeats Factually Inaccurate Statements About Pornhub Moderation at Ted Cruz Event

NCOSE CEO Dawn Hawkins repeated factually inaccurate claims about Pornhub’s content moderation on Tuesday during a Capitol Hill press conference co-organized by Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.

Anti-Pornhub Attorney Expands Strategy to 'Name and Shame' Finance Companies

A legal team headed by attorney Michael J. Bowe has expanded its strategy in a series of ongoing legal actions against Aylo, over user-uploaded content on Pornhub allegedly involving minors, this time targeting finance companies that have backed or worked with the company formerly known as Mindgeek.

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin Joins Press Conference Alongside Anti-Porn Crusading Group NCOSE

Democratic U.S. Senator for Illinois Dick Durbin participated in a joint press conference Wednesday organized by Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham to marshal support for the controversial Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies Act (EARN IT), alongside crusading anti-porn group NCOSE (formerly Morality in Media).

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Partners With Anti-Porn Lobby NCOSE

Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez issued a press statement last week prominently highlighting her partnership with religiously-inspired anti-porn lobby NCOSE, an organization that seeks to criminalize all sex work and eradicate adult content, and that has an extensive, well-documented history of championing state censorship and opposing LGBTQ+ rights.

Critics Lambast Revised Version of Controversial KOSA Bill

The main U.S. Senate sponsors of the controversial Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA) have released a new version of the bill, which they claim addresses privacy and censorship issues flagged by opponents, but critics insist the revised version still presents insurmountable problems.

Utah's Leading Anti-Porn Crusader Proposes Jail Time Over 'Porn Filter' Activation

Utah’s leading anti-porn crusader, state Sen. Todd Weiler, has introduced a measure mandating prison time for any electronics manufacturer worldwide who fails to install and activate a default anti-porn filter on devices sold in the Mormon-majority state.

Public Health Scientist Debunks 'Porn Addiction,' Criticizes Political Abuse of Term

Influential Washington-based publication The Hill this week ran an opinion piece by a public health scientist, debunking the unscientific myth of “porn addiction” and criticizing its rampant political use — chiefly by religious conservatives — to justify anti-free-speech legislation.

9th Circuit Rules NCOSE-Sponsored Case Against XVideos Can Move Forward

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday reversed a lower court decision and allowed a proposed class action lawsuit over user-uploaded content to move forward against WebGroup Czech Republic (WGCZ), the parent company of tube sites XVideos and XNXX as well as other adult brands.

Religiously Motivated Anti-Porn Groups Sign Letter Endorsing KOSA

Several major religiously inspired anti-porn lobbies, including NCOSE, have endorsed a letter to the U.S. Senate supporting the controversial Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA), a bill that digital rights and free speech advocates have warned will limit online free speech.

'Glenn Beck Program' Promotes Faith-Based Anti-Porn Surveillance App

“The Glenn Beck Program” aired a segment Friday promoting the faith-based anti-porn surveillance software Covenant Eyes and editorializing on recent news that the current speaker of the house, Republican Mike Johnson, is a user and subscriber.

Controversial Judge Certifies Class Action in NCOSE-Promoted Pornhub Lawsuit

A federal judge presiding over a civil lawsuit against Pornhub's parent company has granted class certification in the case to all persons who were minors when they appeared in content posted on that site since February 2011.

Ninth Circuit Refuses to Rehear Anti-Porn Lobby's Lawsuit Against Twitter

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday delivered another defeat to the NCOSE-sponsored lawsuit attempting to establish liability for Twitter over user-generated content, denying the plaintiffs a full rehearing.

SCOTUS Rejects NCOSE-Promoted Lawsuit Targeting Reddit

The Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to take up an NCOSE-sponsored case that sought to create liability for Reddit over third-party user material, using FOSTA-SESTA to bypass Section 230 protections.

NCOSE Goes All-In on Banning Adult Content Online With 2023 Target List

Religiously inspired anti-porn lobby NCOSE this week released its latest annual “Dirty Dozen” list of companies it is currently targeting, focusing exclusively on online platforms.

Appeals Court Upholds Section 230, Dismisses NCOSE-Sponsored Lawsuit Against Twitter

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit sponsored by anti-porn activists against Twitter over user-uploaded content, upholding Section 230.

NCOSE Launches Campaign to Ban All Adult Content from Reddit

The religiously motivated anti-porn lobby NCOSE, formerly known as Morality in Media, has launched a new campaign to eradicate all adult content on Reddit.

Bloomberg Probes Financial Discrimination Against Adult Performers, Creators

Bloomberg published a report today documenting how adult performers and content creators have become “collateral damage” in an ongoing campaign to make online platforms liable for user-generated content.

Anti-Porn Crusader Brags About Creating, Spreading 'Porn Filter' Legislation

The general counsel for anti-porn lobby NCOSE admitted to NBC news earlier this week that the organization is behind the state-by-state campaign to force all electronics manufacturers to install and activate “porn filters” on their devices.

Anti-Porn Lobby NCOSE Boasts of 'Regular Meetings' With Instagram

A top executive for NCOSE, the religiously inspired anti-porn lobby formerly known as Morality in Media, wrote this week that members of the organization have “met regularly” with Meta executives responsible for Instagram moderation.

Vice Report Eviscerates UK MP's Anti-Porn Propaganda Report

Vice this week published an article criticizing a report by the U.K.’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Commercial Sexual Exploitation (APPG-CSE), which repeated anti-porn myths and recommended a state crackdown on sexual expression online.