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Utah Sen. Mike Lee Questions First Amendment Protections for Sexual Content

Utah newspaper Deseret News has published an interview with U.S. Senator Mike Lee, in which he champions ongoing efforts to limit access to adult content online in the name of fighting “porn addiction.”

Utah's Leading Anti-Porn Crusader Proposes Jail Time Over 'Porn Filter' Activation

Utah’s leading anti-porn crusader, state Sen. Todd Weiler, has introduced a measure mandating prison time for any electronics manufacturer worldwide who fails to install and activate a default anti-porn filter on devices sold in the Mormon-majority state.

Sen. Mike Lee Introduces Bill to Expand Utah's Anti-Porn AV Law Nationwide

Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) on Tuesday reintroduced his proposal for a federal age-verification law that would expand Utah’s anti-porn legislation, promoted by religious conservatives, to the entire United States.

Reason Probes Abuse Allegations in Utah's 'Anti-Porn Treatment' Programs

An in-depth report in the September issue of Reason magazine sheds light on abuse allegations surrounding a Utah anti-porn “treatment program” and other “troubled teen industry” re-education camps.”

FSC Issues Open Letter to Anti-Porn Utah Senator Over New AV Law

Free Speech Coalition Executive Director Alison Boden on Tuesday issued an open letter addressed to the Utah Senate’s leading anti-porn activist, requesting clarification on how adult sites might comply with SB 287, the state’s controversial new age verification law.

Pornhub Disables Access From Utah in Response to Anti-Porn Law

Pornhub today disabled access to its platform from all Utah IP addresses, in response to the state’s latest anti-porn law, which goes into effect Wednesday.

The Bible Challenged in Utah for Explicit Sexual Content

A Utah parent is challenging the arbitrary, expansive nature of the state’s legal redefinitions of “pornography,” by flagging the Bible in an official complaint for its numerous instances of sexual content.

Utah Republicans Continue Introducing Controversial Age Verification Bills

Republican state legislators in Utah have introduced two controversial age verification bills that could have nationwide ramifications.

Utah Senator, Mormon Activist Single Out Adult Sites With 'PROTECT Act'

Utah Senator Mike Lee (R) and Mormon activist Dawn Hawkins, CEO of religiously motivated anti-porn lobby NCOSE, are promoting the PROTECT Act, a proposed federal bill that would make adult websites liable for third-party content.

Idaho Conservatives Rally Against Porn Literacy Classes After National Panic Campaign

After a national moral panic campaign by right-wing blogs and social media accounts, Idaho conservatives are pressuring public officials to suspend porn literacy classes being offered as part of the state’s sex education programs.

Mormon Church Expels Sex Therapist Skeptical of 'Porn Addiction'

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS, or the Mormon Church) has expelled sex therapist Natasha Helfer for refusing to bow down to their notions on “sexuality issues,” including its obsession with the unscientific notion of “porn addiction." Says the LDS Church Attacked Its Server

The owners of gay porn site are blaming none other than the Church of Latter Day Saints for “denial of service” attacks on its server late on Sunday night.