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Judge in Performers' Blacklisting Lawsuit Says Meta Policy Sounds 'Nefarious'

A California federal judge, overseeing a lawsuit claiming that Meta conspired with OnlyFans to blacklist rival premium fan platforms’ talent, said during a hearing Wednesday that the tech giant’s lack of archiving of its “Dangerous Organizations and Individuals” (DOI) list sounded “nefarious.”

Sexologist Dr. Susan Block Reports Legal Action Against Meta for Deplatforming

Sexologist Dr. Susan Block has reported that she has filed a complaint against Meta seeking arbitration for “wrongful business practices,” including lack of accountability, algorithmic discrimination and deactivation of her sex advice accounts.

New Mexico AG: Pornhub, OnlyFans Safer Than Facebook, Instagram

The office of New Mexico Attorney General Raúl Torrez has asserted, in a statement announcing the state’s lawsuit against Meta, that some child sexual abuse material (CSAM) is 10 times more prevalent on Facebook and Instagram than on Pornhub and OnlyFans.


What Pleasure Brands Can Learn From Lush's Boycott of Facebook, Instagram

Leading cosmetic company Lush has completely turned its back on the top social media platforms, stating simply, “Be Somewhere Else” on its otherwise empty profile pages.

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Bloomberg Law Report Links 'Addiction' Lawsuits Against Meta, Age Verification Battles

Bloomberg Law published a report on Thursday, linking the onslaught of federal and state lawsuits against Meta over the supposed addictive nature of Instagram and Facebook with the anti-porn “age verification” controversies around the country.

Major Platforms Release 1st EU-Mandated Moderation Reports

As major online platforms released their first EU-mandated official moderation reports this week, the European Union’s commissioner announced Thursday that steps have been taken to initiate an investigation regarding X, TikTok and Meta’s compliance with the Digital Services Act (DSA).

42 States Sue Meta Alleging Facebook, Instagram Have Addictive Features, Are Harmful to Children

Attorneys general for 42 U.S. states filed lawsuits Tuesday against Meta, alleging the company has knowingly implemented features in its Facebook and Instagram platforms in order to cause app use addiction among children.

Instagram Now Censoring SFW Images From '90s Erotic Dramas

Instagram this week censored several posts promoting the acclaimed film history podcast “You Must Remember This,” including SFW images from ’90s erotic drama “Indecent Proposal,” starring Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson and Robert Redford.

Judge Denies Motion to Sanction Performers in OnlyFans Conspiracy Case

A California federal judge on Thursday denied a request by OnlyFans parent company Fenix International Ltd. to sanction performers Alana Evans, Kelly Pierce and Ruby for spreading “frivolous allegations” as part of a civil lawsuit alleging that OnlyFans conspired to blacklist its competitors and their brand ambassadors.

OnlyFans Escapes Performers' Conspiracy Lawsuit

A California federal judge on Monday dismissed claims against OnlyFans’ parent company and its owner, effectively cutting them loose from a civil lawsuit alleging a conspiracy to blacklist the platform’s competitors and their brand ambassadors.

Meta Requests Sanctions After Performers Withdraw Allegations of Wire Transfers in OnlyFans Conspiracy Case

Meta is asking a California federal judge to reject the civil lawsuit alleging a conspiracy to blacklist OnlyFans’ competitors and their brand ambassadors.

OnlyFans, Meta Seek Dismissal of Conspiracy Lawsuit

OnlyFans and Meta this week filed motions seeking dismissal of a civil lawsuit alleging a conspiracy to blacklist OnlyFans’ competitors and their brand ambassadors.

Meta Debuts Twitter Competitor 'Threads,' Bans Female Nipples

Mere hours after Meta launched Twitter-competitor app Threads on Wednesday, the head of Instagram confirmed that female nipples and everything else considered “nudity” will not be allowed on the platform.

New EU Rules for 'Very Large' Platforms Raise Concerns for Adult Sector

The European Commission yesterday officially identified 19 major platforms and search engines to be targeted for compliance under the controversial Digital Services Act (DSA).

Instagram Deplatforms Director of Netflix's Pornhub Documentary 'Money Shot'

Instagram disabled the account of filmmaker Suzanne Hillinger this morning, only a week after her documentary “Money Shot” premiered on Netflix.

Anti-Porn Lobby NCOSE Boasts of 'Regular Meetings' With Instagram

A top executive for NCOSE, the religiously inspired anti-porn lobby formerly known as Morality in Media, wrote this week that members of the organization have “met regularly” with Meta executives responsible for Instagram moderation.

Pornhub Denounces Renewed Censorship of Instagram Account

Pornhub released a statement denouncing the arbitrary censorship of its Instagram account, after it was briefly reactivated for a few hours yesterday before being shut down again.

NBC News Probes Instagram's 'Sex Censorship,' Sex Worker Discrimination

NBC News published a report today on the harms resulting from Instagram’s censorship of content related to sex and sexuality.

Oversight Board Questions Instagram's Nudity, 'Sexual Solicitation' Standards

Meta’s Oversight Board — a panel of experts selected by the company to deliberate on content decisions — released a decision this week recommending the company clarify arbitrary and vague definitions concerning nudity, sexual activity and sexual solicitation.

Slate Probes Social Media Discrimination Against Pleasure Product Companies

Slate published a report last week documenting discrimination against pleasure product companies by major social media platforms.