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European Commission Adds XXNX to List of 'Very Large' Platforms Subject to Special Regulations

The European Commission has added XXNX to its list of platforms designated as “very large online platforms” (VLOPs) and therefore subject to special regulations under the controversial Digital Services Act (DSA).

European Commission Compels Pornhub, XVideos, Stripchat to Disclose DSA Compliance Data

The European Commission has singled out Pornhub, XVideos and Stripchat for enforcement of the Digital Services Act (DSA), giving them until July 4 to provide compliance information.

XVideos, Pornhub, Stripchat Suing EU Over 'Very Large Online Platform' Classification

XVideos, Pornhub and Stripchat are reportedly suing the EU over their classification as “very large online platforms” (VLOPs), which makes them subject to special regulations under the controversial Digital Services Act (DSA).

German Government Now Exporting Anti-Porn Surveillance Tool

A crusading official who has been waging a one-man War on Porn in Germany, and who developed an AI tool that scans online content to identify images not compliant with the law, has now exported that technology for use by a Belgian media watchdog agency. Offers EU-Compliant Age Verification Solution to Adult Platforms

France-based is offering its age verification solution to adult platform operators seeking to comply with requirements of the European Union's new Digital Services Act (DSA).

Pornhub Challenges EU's Data Over 'Very Large Online Platform' Classification

The European Commission, the EU’s executive body, has designated adult platforms Pornhub, Stripchat and XVideos as “very large online platforms” (VLOPs) and therefore subject to special regulations under the controversial Digital Services Act (DSA).

Countess Diamond Gives Keynote Speech at SxTech EU

Countess Diamond gave the keynote speech at Berlin’s SxTech EU conference, on October 25.

Major Platforms Release 1st EU-Mandated Moderation Reports

As major online platforms released their first EU-mandated official moderation reports this week, the European Union’s commissioner announced Thursday that steps have been taken to initiate an investigation regarding X, TikTok and Meta’s compliance with the Digital Services Act (DSA).

New EU Rules for 'Very Large' Platforms Raise Concerns for Adult Sector

The European Commission yesterday officially identified 19 major platforms and search engines to be targeted for compliance under the controversial Digital Services Act (DSA).

Pjur Certified as Medical Devices Manufacturer Under New EU Regulation

Personal lubricant manufacturer Pjur has been certified as a medical device manufacturer under the new Medical Device Regulation (MDR) in the European Union.

Europe's Digital Services Act Moves Forward, Drops Controversial Adult Content Mandate

The European Parliament reached a deal last week with EU member states on the controversial Digital Services Act — a European legislative package addressing “illegal and harmful” online content — by dropping mandatory phone registration for adult content creators on porn platforms.

Council of Europe Urges Mandatory 'Porn Filters,' Endorses 'Porn Addiction' Myth

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the continent’s main post-World War II human rights organization, issued a resolution today urging European nations to mandate online filters for “pornographic materials” on all devices, to be “systematically activated in public spaces, such as schools, libraries and youth clubs.”

Sssh 'Soiree' Shared Viewing Demo Presented at FemTech, SxTech EU’s Angie Rowntree is currently appearing at tech conferences to present a demo of the new interactive shared viewing feature Sssh Soirée.

French Court Rejects Lawsuit Aiming to Block Top Porn Sites

A French court rejected today a suit brought by two French “child protection” nonprofits demanding that the country's main internet service providers totally block several top adult sites, which the nonprofits claim are “too accessible to minors.”

European Parliament Passes Controversial 'Chat Control' Snooping Powers

Under serious criticism from privacy advocates, and during an inconspicuous late-night session, the European Parliament approved last week a controversial set of “chat control” measures making it legal for internet companies to scan all private messages by users if they claim they are looking for Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM).

EU Unveils New 'Digital Services Act' Proposal

The European Commission released today their proposal for the Digital Services Act (DSA), a new EU-wide policy to increase liability for “illegal and harmful content” on online platforms.


EU Revises Payment Services Directive

Europe’s latest electronic payments regulation is about to take center stage. The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) changes how payments will work across the EU.

Cathy Beardsley ·

Dissecting the EU Directive's Onslaught Against Free Speech

Now that Article 11 and 13 have passed in the EU Parliament, alarmists are arguing that the internet as we know it is about to die.

Jonathan Corona ·

Red Alert: The EU Copyright Directive

If you operate a tube style platform such as YouTube, your world is about to change courtesy of the European Parliament.

Corey Silverstein ·

DatingPartner Offers 'Eu[ro]phoria' Promotion

TrafficPartner subsidiary DatingPartner has announced the rollout of “Eu[ro]phoria,” its newest affiliate promotion.