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Public Health Scientist Debunks 'Porn Addiction,' Criticizes Political Abuse of Term

Influential Washington-based publication The Hill this week ran an opinion piece by a public health scientist, debunking the unscientific myth of “porn addiction” and criticizing its rampant political use — chiefly by religious conservatives — to justify anti-free-speech legislation.

Blush Expands 'Limited Addiction' Collection With 3 New Vibes

Blush has added three new slimline vibrators to its Limited Addiction collection — Utopia, Floradelic and Dreamscape.

Bloomberg Law Report Links 'Addiction' Lawsuits Against Meta, Age Verification Battles

Bloomberg Law published a report on Thursday, linking the onslaught of federal and state lawsuits against Meta over the supposed addictive nature of Instagram and Facebook with the anti-porn “age verification” controversies around the country.

42 States Sue Meta Alleging Facebook, Instagram Have Addictive Features, Are Harmful to Children

Attorneys general for 42 U.S. states filed lawsuits Tuesday against Meta, alleging the company has knowingly implemented features in its Facebook and Instagram platforms in order to cause app use addiction among children.

Pineapple Support Launches Support Group to Help Performers Suffering from Addiction

Pineapple Support will host a free online support group for those struggling with addiction, exploring alternative methods to tolerate stressors and self-soothe.

Researcher: Porn Addiction a 'Fiction'

A University of Auckland researcher who studied claims of compulsive behavior among men who watch adult content reports that the concept of “porn addiction” is “a fiction.”

Blush Debuts 'Limited Addiction' Line of Bullet Vibes

Blush is now shipping its new Limited Addiction line of color-swirled, waterproof bullet vibrators.

Council of Europe Urges Mandatory 'Porn Filters,' Endorses 'Porn Addiction' Myth

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the continent’s main post-World War II human rights organization, issued a resolution today urging European nations to mandate online filters for “pornographic materials” on all devices, to be “systematically activated in public spaces, such as schools, libraries and youth clubs.”

Saudi Arabia Funds Initiative Against 'Porn Addiction'

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has launched a new website as part of a government public health initiative known as “Effah,” which claims to help people “get rid of pornography addiction” in 100 days.

Men's Health Magazine Quietly Deletes 'Porn Addiction' Propaganda Article

Men’s Health published an article this weekend rehashing a YouTuber's medical claims about the supposed illness of “porn addiction,” but the link now leads to a less controversial September article on how to “quit porn,” which has been re-dated without clarification.

Elle UK Marks 'No Nut November' by Endorsing Debunked Notion of 'Porn Addiction'

The British edition of Elle magazine has decided to mark “No Nut November” by publishing a lengthy article fully endorsing the discredited notion of “porn addiction.”

Elegant Angel Releases 'Threesome Addiction 5'

Elegant Angel’s newest collection, "Threesome Addiction 5," is shipping pre-orders now ahead of a November 2 street date.

BMS Factory Announces Debut of 'Addiction Strap-On Harness'

BMS Factory has expanded its Addiction range with the addition of a new customizable Strap-On Harness that features a built-in compartment to hold a PowerBullet vibe.

Elegant Angel Releases 'Gang-Bang Addiction' Collection

Elegant Angel’s latest compilation is “Gang-Bang Addiction" with cover model Alexis Texas.

Elegant Angel Now Shipping 'DP Addiction'

Elegant Angel's latest collection is "DP Addiction," now shipping ahead of an August 31 street date.

Goddess Lilith Guests on 'Wholesome Addiction,' Joins Clubhouse Chat Series Tonight

Goddess Lilith is touting a recent appearance on the "always wild" podcast "Wholesome Addiction" and will guest on tonight's edition of the Clubhouse chat series "Sex Profiteers" examining the business of findom.

Elegant Angel Releases 'Threesome Addiction 4'

Elegant Angel has announced the release of a new compilation titled “Threesome Addiction 4" featuring cover stars Olivia Austin and Alexis Texas.

Lauren Phillips Shares Cover Of 'True Anal Addiction 6' for TrueAnal

Lauren Phillips shares the box cover spotlight for “True Anal Addiction 6,” the latest collection from and Mike Adriano.

BMS Factory Introduces 'Addiction Fantasy' Line

BMS Factory has announced the release of a new line of colorful dongs called Addiction Fantasy in three sizes with a ribbed shaft.

Mormon Church Expels Sex Therapist Skeptical of 'Porn Addiction'

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS, or the Mormon Church) has expelled sex therapist Natasha Helfer for refusing to bow down to their notions on “sexuality issues,” including its obsession with the unscientific notion of “porn addiction."