Miami Spice: The 2024 XBIZ Creator Awards Show Turns Up the Heat

Miami Spice: The 2024 XBIZ Creator Awards Show Turns Up the Heat

MIAMI — Adult creators’ biggest night relocated on Wednesday evening to the party epicenter of Miami.

The 2024 edition of the XBIZ Creator Awards, presented by Fansly, honored the best and shiningest creators in the industry at the city’s hottest, sultriest venue, the open-24-hours E11EVEN, cheered on by all the players assembled for this year’s XBIZ Miami.

Throngs of the industry’s most inventive creators lined up in the tropical Miami night for the now traditional pink carpet, to be photographed at their most creative party best before being interviewed by pink carpet host Laura Desiree — and all that was merely prelude to entering the world-famous multilevel extravaganza that is E11EVEN.

As showtime approached, everyone arranged themselves around the center of the main floor, where the stage that usually hosts Florida’s most skillful pole dancers had been set up with a theater-in-the-round podium. 

Hosts Siri Dahl and Little Puck, both acknowledged masters of incredibly elaborate cosplays, dazzled throughout the evening with a series of coordinated looks, first appearing on screen in full fembot mode before coming to life in sci-fi-inspired silver-and-black creations bathed in glitter.

Self-described “feral queens” Siri and Puck energized the crowd with a heartfelt message of LGBTQ+ support, particularly in the face of multiple discriminatory bills signed into law last year by the governor of Florida.

“We’re here, together as a community, loud and proud, to rally behind our queer, gay and trans family,” Puck told the audience. “We can show the world that we stand together in love and solidarity. We won’t stop until every voice is heard and every one of us is safe and celebrated. So we just want to say genuinely, sincerely, from the bottom of our hearts and the deepest parts of our butts: Fuck you, Ron!”

Siri and Puck then invited those in attendance to try out that catchy slogan, which the crowd hollered loud enough to be heard at the governor’s mansion in Tallahassee, 483 miles north.

“Thank you, Miami, for giving the middle finger to the establishment and making it loud and clear,” Siri celebrated. “I’m glad we’re here with all of you amazingly beautiful people. Because we’re not fucking going anywhere, right?”

Puck replied, “No, we’re going to show up for each other, and we’re going to fuck each other, and we’re going to keep fighting and keep fucking. Solidarity forever, baby!”

The first presenter was reigning and two-time XBIZ Trans Performer of the Year Emma Rose, stunning as usual in a black gown amply displaying her legs and décolletage. Rose presented the Cosplay Streamer of the Year award to Kitty Quinn. 

Resplendent in an ethereal white gown with white floral appliqués, Quinn thanked her fans for supporting her. 

“I couldn’t have come this far without them,” she said. “Seven years ago, I quit waitressing and did my first cam show. I was so hooked, I became addicted!”

Backstage, Quinn discussed how much the Cosplay Streamer award means to her. 

“Without that cosplay cam show seven years ago, I don’t think I could have grown in my adult career,” she said. “Getting in Playboy, Hustler, Brazzers — all those things came from that.”

Rose then presented the Cosplay Clip Creator of the Year award to Aery Tiefling. In a body-hugging black velvet gown with side cutouts and, appropriately, elf ears, Tiefling thanked Fansly “for this opportunity to celebrate how beautiful the sex industry is.” 

Backstage, Tiefling marveled at her journey so far. 

“I was nobody,” she said. “I was in a really bad place when I started working in the sex industry three years ago. And now I’m doing what I love and I’m being recognized for it. It’s so good and it’s showed me that people really can get out of shitty places.” 

The next presenter was Blake Blossom. In tailored white pants and a bra decorated with enormous pink blossoms, she presented the Fetish Streamer of the Year award to Miss Luna Luxxx.

Taking center stage with drink in hand and wearing a black vinyl punk rock bondage minidress, Luxxx thanked her fans for their loyalty and her husband “for being so supportive.”

Next up was the Fetish Clip Creator of the Year award, which went to Starryfawnn. Decked out in a green gown, she enthused about being “really, really happy to be part of the fetish community” and “just having a place to be creative.” 

The next presenter, in a cleavage-tastic gold number, was 2022 XBIZ Female Clip Creator of the Year Bea York, who announced the winner for BBW Streamer of the Year: Ruby Sinclaire. 

“This means eight years of hard work,” Sinclaire reflected. “I’m out here getting nominated every year and I finally won, so I’m telling you — keep doing it!”

Newly crowned BBW Clip Creator of the Year Jessica Jax was equally enthusiastic about her win.

“Oh my gosh, I never thought I would get nominated, much less win, so it means everything,” Jax said. “I’m so thankful for my fans, my husband, my support at home. This industry is such a loving community.”

York then presented the BBW Premium Social Media Star of the Year award to Dani Valentina, who took the stage in a floral tropical skirt and top combo. 

“This award means that my fans really ride for me,” a thankful Valentina shared. “And that’s really all I could ask for.” 

Multi-award winner and Pornhub ambassador Natassia Dreams then charmed the crowd with her signature elegance, giving props to the Creator Awards for providing a safe, inclusive place to celebrate all the diverse talent present.

Dreams presented the MILF Streamer of the Year award to Grey Desire. Wearing a skintight silver gown and her characteristic lace eye mask, Desire thanked her husband for “making” her a MILF.

“And now the hottest MILF!” she added. “It’s so great I can be a MILF and make sexy content at the same time.”

The MILF Clip Creator of the Year trophy went to Andi Avalon, stunning in brown. 

“It’s amazing,” Avalon said. “All my hard work has paid off. All my fans love me. Being a creator is so much fun, and you meet so many good people. I’m happy!”

Dreams then presented the MILF Premium Social Media Star of the Year award to the always ebullient Alexis Fawx. 

“I don’t want to cry, so I won’t talk too much,” Fawx offered. “It’s really amazing to win any award. I’m just so happy and thankful right now.” 

Fawx also thanked her podcasting partner, Webmaster Joe.

The next presenter was Mary Moody, in a periwinkle minidress with matching Vans, who announced Bigbananamilfshake as the 2024 XBIZ Streamer Duo of the Year. The enthusiastic pair, in matching sparkling getups, said they were in shock. 

“We are a smaller room,” they explained. “So for us, the award means so much. It’s so validating of a lot of hard work. Our fans are fucking amazing! Our quote to them is always: ‘This world is fucking bananas, so don’t forget to have fun. If you ain’t having fun, you ain’t doing it right!”

Moody then presented the Clip Creator Duo of the Year award to PhamilyStandards, both in their finest alt-model regalia. 

“I can’t believe anyone even knows who we are!” they shared. “This is crazy.” 

Backstage, they added, “We’ve never been to an XBIZ show before. This is our first convention! For two little Canadians to come in here and be nominated — and winning! — I don’t even know what’s happening here. It’s really surreal.”

Fansly Director of Marketing Leah Koons then gave an impassioned speech about the importance of events like the Creator Awards that honor creators, and reasserted her company’s commitment to being a proud part of the industry and making sure that “the power stays in the hands of creators.”

Hosts Siri and Puck then returned in their first costume change of the evening, stunning pink and green outfits, and entertained the crowd with a comedy routine featuring a cameo appearance by everyone’s favorite go-go boy, Shawn Alff.

The next presenter was multi-XBIZ Award winner Nicole Kitt, most recently honored with the 2024 trophy for Best Lead Acting.

Kitt presented the Rising Streamer award to Boba Bitch, who wore a floral wrap dress. 

“The fact that my supporters put in so much effort to vote for me is amazing,” Bitch enthused.

The Rising Clip Creator award went to Mathema-Kitten, who took the stage in a sparkly purple skin-tight gown transparent enough to challenge Instagram moderators. She thanked her husband and called the award “everything I could ever imagine.” 

“I did not think that I would get this far, and it’s absolutely phenomenal,” she said.

The trophy for 2024 XBIZ Rising Premium Social Media Star went to Luna Baby. 

In a very revealing black gown tied together by bejeweled chains, the visibly emotional Luna Baby confided, “I really have no words, because this is my first year really branching out more into this industry. And to accomplish 90% of my goals that I came here to accomplish, when I thought it would take years for my work to be recognized…!” before breaking into tears.

MelRose Michaels next presented the Trans Premium Social Media Star of the Year award to the perennially glamorous Ariel Demure.

In a leopard-print minidress with matching gloves, accessorized with a black fur stole, Demure thanked her publicist, Erika Icon of The Rub PR, as well as Jade Venus and Tori Easton, whom she called “my sisters.”

Backstage, Demure joked, “This is an award for tolerance. This is an award for people who deal with bullshit — and I am that bullshit!”

Michaels then announced the winner for Male Premium Social Media Star of the Year: Girthmasterr. The towering Australian hunk said that for him, the award represented all of the hard work that he has put into his social media over the last year. 

“I really pivoted to put my personality out there, and it’s really paid off,” he shared.

The Female Premium Social Media Star of the Year award went to the multitalented Isla Moon, a creator and also the surprise breakout star of a hit fishing and adventure show on the SFW OnlyFans TV platform.

“Oh my God, I’m so excited!” Moon enthused. “This means the world to me. I just want to thank my fans, because they’re the reason why I’m here.”

The next presenter, Reya Sunshine, announced the Trans Clip Creator of the Year award. The trophy went to Shiri Allwood. 

In a sparkling coral minidress, Allwood highlighted the Creator Awards as “one of the most amazing expressions of creativity that there is” and asked the audience for a big round of applause for all the trans creators in the house. 

“I’ve been in the industry for a while, both on the pro side and as a creator,” she shared backstage. “And this is the first time I’ve been recognized at the XBIZ Awards!”

Accepting the award for Male Clip Creator of the Year, Shortie’s World said, “I worked really hard for this all year. I had a vision. I do a lot of comedy skits before my scenes, and a lot of the lovely ladies in the industry gave me an opportunity to paint that vision. My fans love laughing at what I do, and watching what I do. I took a big leap out of the military to do this and it became successful and I’m glad I’m continuing. I promise not to be Kid Icarus with my talent, and to make sure everybody’s constantly entertained.”

With the evening approaching its zenith, the Female Clip Creator of the Year award went to the resplendent Elly Clutch, wearing an orange gown that amplified her signature fiery locks. Visibly moved by the accolade, Clutch said that the award was especially meaningful to her as an independent creator.

“I want to make porn that people like and porn that people connect with,” she added. “And it means so much to know that I’ve done that.”

The final presenting duo was Melissa Stratton and reigning XBIZ Female Performer of the Year Vanna Bardot. They first announced the award for Trans Streamer of the Year, which went to multiple award winner Casey Kisses, who wore a periwinkle minidress.

“There are so many trans women that need to be recognized,” she said. “Not just me, but everybody. I feel like tonight, anybody that is nominated is deserving of recognition. We all put in a lot of hard fucking work, cleaning our asses out, fucking, and getting fucked in our tiny little holes and jerking our big dicks!”

Bardot and Stratton then announced the 2024 XBIZ Male Streamer of the Year, Mr.OMG007, who took the stage in a vest showcasing his guns. 

“This is how we do it!” he declared. 

Backstage, Mr.OMG007 also thanked Chaturbate and praised the company’s sense of camaraderie. “We do this as a team,” he explained.

The final award of the evening, Female Streamer of the Year, went to Chloe Wildd. In an elegant black gown discreetly showcasing her cleavage, Wildd thanked Chaturbate, saying that being on the platform changed her life for the better.

“This is my dream come true,” Wildd said. “It means a lot to me. It rewards all the work I’ve been doing since the beginning, putting myself out there. I’m just so happy that I have such amazing fans that love me.”

The show concluded with Dahl and Puck returning in matching red outfits to close the proceedings with a same-sex make-out session hot and heaving enough to give even a certain unnamed state’s notoriously close-minded politician extremely impure thoughts. 

Finally, the festivities culminated in an orgasmic confetti drop that signaled the end of the show, and the beginning of the after-party, sponsored by Chaturbate.

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