Vicki Chase: The 'Ninfómana' Returns With New Showcase, Elevated Goals

Vicki Chase: The 'Ninfómana' Returns With New Showcase, Elevated Goals

In 2009, a 24-year-old born-and-raised Angelena named Victoria was working at a Washington Mutual bank branch when a particularly chatty customer with industry ties suggested she should go into porn.

After some understandable trepidation, she asked herself, “Why not?” then shortened Victoria to Vicki and took the name of the bank as her surname.

“Fortunately Washington Mutual had just been acquired by Chase,” she tells XBIZ over delicious Texas-style tacos at a hip Highland Park joint. “Vicki Mutual would not have been a great porn name.”

Now, 14 years later — though she only starts counting her “official” time in porn from 2010, when she signed with an agency and started performing regularly — Vicki Chase is still here, still strong and promoting a brand-new high-profile showcase: “Vicki Chase Ninfómana,” released by Evil Angel this week and directed by her longtime friend and associate Jonni Darkko.

“Ninfómana” is the second Darkko-helmed showcase for Chase, re-upping her relevance almost a decade after 2014’s career-defining “V for Vicki.”

“Jonni and I had a good relationship long before I chose him for ‘V for Vicki,’” Chase explains. “I did quite a bit of work for him from 2011 to 2014, so many POV, BJs, so many multiples … he really knows how to bring out the sexual deviant in me!”

As the almost 700 titles on her IAFD page attest, at this point Chase has literally done it all, with and for everyone. But Darkko’s signature gonzo style still has a special place in her heart.

“I just love Jonni’s style,” she confides. “He’s like, ‘Let’s start you out glamorous, beautiful. I love his style of shooting, where it’s like a photo shoot and I get to feel like a glamorous supermodel — and then, before you know it, you go totally crazy, you become a sexual beast. You’re there. To. Do. It.”

Chase likens Darkko to a cheerleader. 

“He tells you, ‘Nasty! The nastier the better! You’re really nasty! Aaaghhhhh!’ I love it. Him and I have always had a really good relationship as far as creating some pretty epic stuff. I work well for him, he works well for me.”

Back in 2014, coming off a difficult year during which she got divorced and left her agency — she has thrived as a free agent ever since —  Chase had very clear ideas about what she wanted for “V for Vicki.”

“I wanted a blowbang, but I wanted it to be a fantasy where I am in a room full of firemen,” she reminisces, laughing. “Basically, I’m on fire and they’ve got to put me out! So I made sure that all the guys looked like firemen. I got Ramon Nomar, Evan Stone, Alex Jones … I also wanted the biggest dicks, the biggest meat! That’s exactly what I said to Jonni.”

In addition to an epic fireman blowbang, that showcase featured a girl/girl/girl/girl scene with Skin Diamond, Dani Daniels and Ash Hollywood, a POV anal with Darkko and a DP with Chris Strokes and Mick Blue.

“I did everything then to push the limits,” Chase says of the career landmark showcase. “I was pleased that everything worked out. It was an amazing piece of porn.”

This time around, for “Ninfómana,” Chase says she wanted to do “elevated versions” of each scene from her preceding showcase, except for the all-girl foursome.

“We didn’t do a girl/girl on this one. Jonni told me, ‘Let’s just focus on you. This should just be about you. What do you think?’ And I was like, ‘Okay, I can handle that,’” she laughs. “I just want all the guys that I want.”

Instead of the DP, “Ninfómana” features an airtight with Jax Slayher, Rob Piper and Richard Mann. The original’s POV was “elevated” by the inclusion of Brickzilla, whom she calls “one of the biggest guys in the business.”

For the souped-up deep throat — “I’m known for my oral skills,” Chase deadpans without conceit — Donny Sins, Hollywood Cash and Darkko lent their appendages. The anal scene features Damion Dayski, the in-demand “It Boy” Chase specifically wanted to work with. 

“We could only have him this day,” she says, “So we said, ‘Fuck it — it’s going to be an anal scene. It’s going to be hard.”

And then there was the gangbang. “It was a blowbang turned gangbang with all the fellas,” Chase boasts. “Seven guys!”

Comparing “V for Vicki” and “Ninfómana,” Chase notes that the 2023 showcase is more focused on showing off Darkko’s mastery of his chosen genre.

“Longtime fans will notice shot after shot of those things that Jonni knows how to get brilliantly, like in-your-face hardcore sex,” she enthuses. “None of this frilly stuff. Sure, there’s him putting me in beautiful lingerie and makeup and doing little teases before the sex and a full glamour shoot. Jonni’s very happy now with his lighting and this new camera that he’s got. He just knows what he’s doing. So I’m like, ‘I’ll let you do your magic. I’m going to do mine. And we’re just going to have fun, you know?’

Under the Watchful Eyes of Frida and Selena

Growing up in a very traditional Mexican American family and spending her youth between East Los Angeles and DTLA, Chase had stars in her eyes.

“I’ve always wanted to be a star,” she says over the overpriced hipster tacos in a gentrified stretch of Highland Park that she has known many incarnations before. “So I became a star.”

Coming from a family that kept Mexican traditions alive, young Victoria was mesmerized by Hollywood biopics of badass Latinas who conquered the art and entertainment worlds on their own terms. Other hot girls may have Marilyn and Bettie Page, but Chase’s guardian angels and muses are Frida Kahlo and Selena. Then, after running off to join the porn circus, she discovered industry role models. 

“I remember Kistina Rose being at the top,” she recalls. “And Ann Marie Rios. I read the Tera Patrick book and before that Jenna Jameson’s, which was the first time I ever picked up a book that was written by a porn star. And I was like, ‘Wow, this is amazing.’”

Chase was particularly struck by reading Patrick’s 2009 memoir, “Sinner Takes All.” 

“She was so cool and amazing that I even had a wet dream about it!” she says.

Thinking back to those final days of the DVD box cover era, Chase describes her past self this way: “Very much a new bird still coming in, kind of finding my ropes, seeing where I fit in. Like, what am I doing in this industry?”

Still, after jumping in, Chase found herself enjoying it. 

“It was the best job I ever had,” she says. “‘I can’t believe I’m getting paid for doing this!’ kind of great. It definitely beat being a bank teller or working at Victoria’s Secret or Levi’s outlets. I had an agent for four years, but after a while I felt that I knew the ropes and had done so much, made a name for myself. I knew who was who in the business, and I was known as a professional. So I never found another agent. LA Direct was my one and only agency that I worked with.”

In the beginning, Chase elevated her career and brand by developing a network of directors and performers who sought to work with her again and again. 

“I got to act with Ann Marie Rios, Kayden Kross, Jesse Jane, Riley Steele,” she says. “I worked a lot with Digital Playground at the time. I really enjoyed working with Nacho Vidal, one of my favorites ever. Nacho is a real one. Robby D. — rest in peace — was very much a director that gave me my first solid chance at showcasing my acting, being able to carry a boy/girl scene by myself and giving me a shot. I wasn’t even a contract girl, but he definitely showed me a lot of respect and love by having me whenever he could.”

In early 2014, Chase hit a personal low point following a complicated divorce. She turned that crisis into an opportunity to refocus on herself and her career. 

“I got out of that trauma and then I started coming into my own,” she shares. “I told myself, ‘Okay, 2014 — this is your year. I just felt like I had something to prove.” 

A year later, following “V for Vicki,” she started getting more accolades and recognition. 

“I had the fans really enjoying my performances. I was getting cast in big projects. I’m not going to say ‘I made it,’ but I definitely am established in this business, a known performer, someone known for hardcore scenes, professional, liked.”

'I'm an Explorer'

Over almost a decade and a half in porn, Chase’s journey has been one of sexual exploration, testing her own boundaries and finding her own pleasure points.

“I was always curious about sex,” she says. “I remember wanting to know more and more. But of course, being Latina and Catholic, it’s like, ‘No, you’ve got to save yourself or your husband, and you’re supposed to get married, and you’re supposed to be like this and that.’ I never really subscribed to that. I’m raised to believe that that’s what you should want, but I always questioned it.”

To be crystal clear, Chase says, she loves sex. 

“And not just with one person,” she explains. “With porn, I was educating myself in sex. And that cannot happen with just one person — well, that’s not how I’m learning anyway. I was very much into exploring my sexuality with different partners. I didn’t see it as a bad thing, even though before I was under the impression that it’s very shameful.”

Chase’s traditional Mexican American family still loomed large in her consciousness, providing stereotypical voices in her head. 

“Oh, my God,” she recalls telling herself. “This is crazy. My parents are going to kill me.”

Indeed, they had questions. Like “Are you okay? Are you on drugs? What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“I was like, ‘I’m not on drugs,’” she says. “‘I’m healthy, happy, I’m making a very good living. I don’t ask you guys for anything, I’m able to sustain myself.’ And they were like, ‘Okay, if that’s the case, then we’ll leave it at that.’”

And so Chase kept exploring. 

“I certainly had my muses, coming in,” she says. “Kristina Rose for example. I was seeing her at the top of her game and wondering, ‘What is she like? How are her performances like that?’ I studied people that I like: Ann Marie Rios, Tera Patrick. I would just take little things from them and make it my own.”

Chase says she figured out very quickly that hardcore performances make a bigger splash.

“If you can handle them, more power to you,” she says. “That’s how I did it, I just jumped in and was doing scenes for all the companies, not shying away from pushing my limits.

“I’m an explorer,” she smiles. “I’m the explorer, trying to figure out what I like, what I don’t like. I think it’s because I’m just an open person. I’m an optimist, a lover. I love pleasing.”

It helps that she is very much in the moment while performing. 

“I only watch the trailers after my scenes come out,” she says. “And if I really like what I see, and who is in it, and who directed it and all that, then I’ll watch the whole thing — but most of the time I don’t. It’s a performance — I just leave it on the floor and move on.”

An Advocate for Women's Sexuality

Chase is very much still active in the industry. Besides “Ninfómana,” she has an upcoming two-part scene for Deeper’s Kayden Kross that stretched her acting muscles.

“It’s me as a crazy loony,” she says. “It was a take on Harley Quinn. I did a blowbang there and then a second part where I did an airtight. I’ve been rolling with these really big elaborate scenes, and I look at them and think, ‘Oh my God, I’ve come a long way, because back when I first came in, I saw Kristina Rose, Alexis Texas, Tori Black, all these great performers — and now I’m at that level. I’m like the senior about to graduate and go off to college.”

In her case, “off to college” would be transitioning more into mainstream acting, or adult directing, or working to inspire others.

Chase recently played the lead in an indie film, “Everything in Its Right Place,” currently seeking distribution. 

“It’s about a girl who was an adult actress, but it wasn’t about me being in porn,” she explains. “It was about me phasing out of porn and dealing with a family matter — my character’s dad is an alcoholic. Her mom is kind of like a punching bag, and she dies and I realize I have a stepsister from my dad, but I have a hateful relationship with him because of what he did to my mom.”

Although the story is not based on her specific life experiences, Chase felt she could relate to the material. 

“It’s a story that the director made up on his own, and I just fit the bill. I thought I could do it because I kind of am this person. Even the name, ‘Everything in Its Right Place,’ was eerily fitting.”

Chase is also thinking about being an advocate, helping to spread a message of positivity about women being sexual in any way, shape or form. 

“I want Latin women — any women, really — to be able to come to me, and be comfortable in their sexuality and not ashamed,” she says.

Back in 2010, Chase made the professional decision to keep the Victoria, but replace her Spanish surname with the name of a bank. She wanted to “not box myself in, or just be one thing.” 

“I wanted to say that it shouldn’t matter what ethnicity I am,” she says. “I wanted to do as much work as I could and not be limited to just being Latin.”

Today, however, Chase is becoming more vocal about her cultural identification as Latina, particularly while trying to advocate for sexual acceptance.

“I feel like there’s this double standard, like Latin men get to do everything and sexual women are considered the worst and are frowned upon,” she says. “I dealt with that a lot and I had to find my own way to overcome it. I’ve come to a place where I can tell myself and others, ‘You’re fucking great, you’re not lacking anything. There’s nothing wrong with you because you like to fuck for a living, or be a porn star.”

Asked what kind of porn she would like to make if given the chance to direct, she says she would want to direct something “where it’s very much a woman’s fantasy. We’re just along for the ride, and what we see is from the point of view of woman empowerment.

“I just would like the girl to be the hero, the badass,” she concludes. “Something I can relate to.”

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