Lessons Vol. 1

Lessons Vol. 1

Jay Rogue’s directorial vision takes center stage in this set of scenes, bolstered by the inclusion of a scalding scene from director Kayden Kross.

Alyx Star and Lucky Fate (Flour Power):

Jay Rogue employs a unique storytelling style with this scene. He purposefully blurs the lines between reality and fantasy, making the reader question what they’re seeing. Alyx is an aspiring master baker preparing for the biggest competition of her life, but her focus is all over the place. Her partner Lucky is worried that she won’t be able to get it together in time for the competition, but Alyx knows exactly how to calm her nerves. A touch of food porn to go along with the bodacious Alyx Star is a recipe for success, and this scene delivers the goods. Alyx and Lucky get covered in chocolate syrup and cream frosting as they fuck each other all over the kitchen. Alyx has unbelievable tits and Lucky sets them a-rocking with his rhythmic pumping. Her wide grin and playful chuckles add to the carefree tone of their sex, leading to a blissful creampie for the self-proclaimed queen of cream.

Freya Parker, Katrina Colt and Jax Slayher (Workshop):

Katrina is the perfect student. Her writing is excellent, and her demeanor drips with manufactured adoration for the professor and the content. She’s a prototypical teacher’s pet. Freya resents Katrina’s facade, and her annoyance reaches a fever pitch when she realizes that Katrina has used her private work to impress the teacher in class. Determined to put little-miss-perfect in her place, Freya delivers an ultimatum that Katrina can’t afford to refuse. But when the teacher catches them in their compromising position, he decides a new lesson is in order. Freya Parker is one of the best performers in the business today, and Katrina Colt is a sexual spitfire who melts the screen whenever she’s on it. Together they demolish Jax’s dick, first with Katrina bobbing on him furiously in reverse cowgirl followed by Freya swallowing his meat with her own electric pussy in the standard position. Freya has an amazing ass and she works it to perfection, grinding Jax into sexual dust as she growls with pleasure. Katrina puts on a clinic in doggy, rocking her ass back into Jax’s powerful thrusts like a true champion. The scene finishes in spectacular fashion, leaving both students and teacher spent.

Amber Moore and Isiah Maxwell (Non Traditional):

Amber is a young paralegal who has been sheltered her entire life. Every aspect of her upbringing has been carefully curated to protect her from temptation and distractions, particularly of the flesh. But when she lands a job at a unique law firm led by the roguish Isiah Maxwell, she experiences something wholly new to her: carnal aching. She can’t stop imagining Maxwell ravishing her body all over his home (which doubles as his firm’s office) and eventually she decides to throw caution to the wind and herself at the altar of Isiah’s massive dick. He penetrates her gently but deeply, causing the leggy blonde to gasp with pleasure in a tasty reverse cowgirl. An equally delicious standing missionary follows before Isiah finishes Amber off on her back. An excellent work fantasy brought to life.

Cali Caliente, Seth Gamble and Kyle Mason (Trainer):

This is the only scene that isn’t directed by Jay Rogue. Rather, it is helmed by Kayden Kross and it’s a play on traditional cuck fantasy. Cali has a thing for the trainer in her workout videos, and her husband Kyle knows it. What Kyle is loathe to admit is that he secretly gets off on the idea of his wife being attracted to another man, and he goes to great lengths to bring his fantasy to life. Cali Caliente is undeniably hot, and she goes all out here. Her pussy and mouth stay full for the entirety of this scene, and she goes all in on the sub culture. At one point she lets Seth choke her with her workout gear as he pounds her mercilessly from behind. She also lets Kyle and Seth take turns hammering her pussy in a pile driver while she gorges herself on the others cock. Eventually both guys unload in her wanting mouth and leave her spent and in shambles on the floor.


Lessons in sexual maturity abound in this illuminating anthology from DEEPER.com. To win a cooking competition, master baker Alyx Star must find a sous-chef that can satisfy her inner critic in Flour Power. Coed creative writers Katrina Colt and Freya Parker face-off for their professor's affections in Workshop. Amber Moore's new boss shows this recent graduate how sheltered she has been from her own carnality in Non-Traditional. And in Trainer, a special session with a personal trainer teaches Cali Caliente just how much stamina is necessary to keep up with two workout partners at once. Jay Rogue directs four coming-of-age tales of erotic transformation that find all their subjects learning Lessons.

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