Squirting Lesbians 7

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Squirting Lesbians 7

In "Squirting Lesbians 7," Sweetheart Video presents four scenes featuring delicious ladies drenching each other in the sweet nectar of their orgasms.

Aiden Ashley, Lumi Ray ("Soaked"):

Aiden Ashley and Lumi Ray have been friends forever, and over the course of their long friendship, there have always been strong girl vibes between them. But somehow, Aiden never guessed that Lumi was actually into girls until the petite brunette kisses her unexpectedly one day. Suddenly, Aiden and Lumi are face deep in each other and loving every minute of it. Lumi drenches Aiden's face in response to Aiden's fabulous finger work, and Aiden nearly drowns Lumi in return. While Lumi is vocal and enthusiastic, Aiden's pleasure is soft, deep, and intense. Her body shudders under Lumi's touch, and her muscles clench involuntarily as Lumi feasts on her. When Aiden settles onto Lumi's face, Lumi begs her with every fiber of her being to smother and use her. The climactic scissor is an amazing finish.

Jessica Ryan, Nicole Aria ("She Squirts"):

Jessica Ryan has the hots for her roommate Nicole Aria, but she doesn't have the guts to tell her. After Nicole gets cancelled on for the umpteenth time, however, Jessica finally finds the courage to tell her the truth but promises her she won't let things get weird. Luckily for Jessica, Nicole is willing to see just how weird things can get. This scene starts out with a ton of kissing — which is always a treat — and Jessica feels exactly like a woman who is finally getting her hands on the person she's wanted forever. She marvels at Nicole's body and worships every inch of her. They caress each other deeply, with Jessica fully nude, while Nicole is still sporting her clothes. And it honestly might be the hottest moment in the whole scene. Jessica coaxes a nice squirt from Nicole's pussy with her fingers, and Nicole nearly launches Jessica to the moon with her tongue.

Bunny Madison, Melissa Stratton ("Girls Who Drip"):

After a great night of fun, Melissa Stratton wakes up worried that she's going to have to complete the walk of shame. Much to Melissa's relief, Bunny Madison assures her they didn't actually sleep together the night before. However, Bunny is willing to close the deal if Melissa is — and Melissa definitely is. The passion here is very high as the two ladies smooch on each other's pussies. There's no frantic fingering or clit motor boating; it's all gentle kisses and licks that get the juices flowing. And boy, do they flow! I thought Melissa was going to need a snorkel with how much Bunny gushed all over her face. This is easily the best scene of the bunch.

Riley Nixon, Skylar Snow ("Girl Squirt"):

Skylar Snow has no idea how her roommate Riley Nixon keeps her life together. Nothing seems to bother her, while Skylar fights tooth and nail every day just to keep her head above water. One day, Skylar breaks down and asks Riley what her secret is, and Riley tells her that she just lets life happen rather than trying to plan every detail. She also reveals that instead of working 60 hours a week at dead-end jobs, she creates sex content online — and that solved all her financial problems. Skylar's interest is piqued, but she's also nervous. Luckily for her, Riley is willing to show her the ropes. Skylar is a beautiful woman, and she looks incredible with her legs splayed open as Riley rubs her clit. The buxom brunette gushes all over Riley's fingers as she squeals with pleasure. Seeing Riley whimper in kind as Skyler fingers her from behind is also a joy to watch, and her voluptuous body releases her sweet juices all over Skylar's hand in response. Beyond the squirting, there's just a real sensuousness to this scene. Both ladies revel in the taste and touch of each other.


In "Squirting Lesbians 7," Sweetheart Video presents four scenes featuring delicious ladies drenching each other in the sweet nectar of their orgasms.

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