Cravings 3

Cravings 3

"Cravings 3" features scenes from Vixen's lesbian-centric studio, Slayed, directed by veteran directors Julia Grandi, Jia Lissa, and KGB.

Apolonia Lapiedra, Talia Mint:

Talia Mint is teaching Apolonia Lapiedra to be a sommelier. Cultivating her senses of smell and taste acutely through blind taste testing is a key component of her training, but tapping into the emotional aspect of taste is also critical. A true sommelier experiences the wine on a deeper, more personal level than most. And when Apolonia shares with her teacher that red wine excites her and makes her think of sex, Talia knows she's discovered an apt pupil. This is one of the sexier Slayed openings I've ever seen, with the unique story taking its time to develop and set the tone for the sex. By the time Talia's mouth finds Apolonia's, the audience will be panting with anticipation. The teacher introduces the student to the pleasures of women, and the two push each other over the edge of ecstasy together.

Anna Claire Clouds, Summer Jones ("Linked"):

Ah, the king's harem. The idea of beautiful women serving at the king's beck and call has long been a fantasy of western citizens, especially the idea that when the king is away, the harem girls will play. Anna Claire Clouds and Summer Jones bring this fantasy to life with their exotic clothes and lavish furnishings. They fall upon each other like kittens, their tongues exploring every erogenous zone and their fingers purposefully tracing every line of their bodies. The way neither of them can get enough of the other's ass is quite naughty, and the final moments where they masturbate each other are scorching.

Valentina Nappi, Little Dragon ("Tart"):

Director KGB nailed the opening music here. Porn works so well when music is incorporated, and the soft synthesized musical tones carry an air of fantasy that creates a sense of wonder and freedom for the scene. A picnic-turned-tryst with two lovely ladies like Valentina Nappi and Little Dragon is easy to get into, and the flowers surrounding them make things even more tantalizing. Dragon fingering her own asshole while sitting on Valentina's face is a helluva treat, and it's matched by Valentina teasing her nipples with a pink rose while Dragon laps at her pussy gently. Then, Valentina shatters her with a vibrator that puts a wonderful bow on this sexy arrangement.

Eve Sweet, Little Angel ("Sweet Taste):

Eve Sweet's friend loves her cooking, but unfortunately, his girlfriend Little Angel doesn't share Eve's kitchen prowess. Eve, happy to help her friend out, offers to show Little Angel how to handle herself in the kitchen. The first thing Eve shows her is how to knead dough, but that quickly turns into kneading each other tenderly. Eve takes the lead, using her fingers and tongue to show Angel the pleasures of a woman. Even when the two settle into a 69, Eve is in control, showing Angel just what to do, when to be aggressive, when to hold back, and how to surrender to the moment.

Slayed continues to be the premium lesbian brand on the market. There's a glamour to it that harkens back to the days when porn took itself more seriously and wanted to feel like out-of-this-world fantasy.

Synopsis: is dishing out its latest offering of Cravings. This series serves up ladies who are insatiable for lesbian loving. Featured cover girls Apolonia Lapiedra & Talia Mint are supposed to be learning how to appreciate , but they end up teaching each other the sensual pleasures of tasting another woman. Summer Jones & Anna Claire Clouds, Valentina Nappi & Little Dragon, and Eve Sweet & Little Angel are all gathered for a girl-on-girl feast. Decadent scenarios, sumptuous settings, and five-star sapphic action: treat yourself with and satisfy those Cravings.

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