The Big Game: A Charly Summer Story

Pure Taboo
The Big Game: A Charly Summer Story

Pure Taboo presents two short stories from director Michael Vegas. The first is a tale of debauchery between a stepfather and his stepdaughter — and the second is a story of carnal manipulation between a man and his foster daughter.

Charly Summer, Seth Gamble ("The Big Game: A Charly Summer Story"):

Seth Gamble is a good stepdad. He brought Charly Summer and her mother into his home when they had nowhere else to go, he provides for them, and he respects Charly's mom. The only thing he asks for himself is time on Sundays to watch football. But Charly wants more than a stepdad who provides for her and her mom; she wants the same attention her mom gets at night in her bedroom. One Sunday afternoon, Charly decides to try something different to get her "daddy's" attention. Her fishnet stockings and short, see-through jersey do the trick, and Seth is unable to resist. Charly gets the fucking of a lifetime here. Once she opens Pandora's Box, she can't put the alpha male sex animal back inside. Seth fucks her to pieces on this couch, reddening her ass with slaps and annihilating her pussy with his hammer thrusts. The harder he fucks her, the more she begs for it — and she eventually gets the hottest cream pie she could have imagined.

Coco Lovelock, Isiah Maxwell, Ana Foxxx ("Aged Out: A Coco Lovelock Story"):

Sabrina O'Connell (Coco Lovelock) is a troubled young woman who has bounced around the foster system for years. But when she lands with loving couple Ana Foxxx and Isiah Maxwell, she seems to have found the perfect home. However, it's not long before Coco begins to turn the happy home into a tense arena. Something is off about Coco, but when Ana tries to bring it up, Isiah dismisses her concerns to stress. One afternoon, Coco finds herself alone with Isiah, and she springs her trap on him, using her innocent demeanor and sultry body to seduce him. Isiah takes Coco deep and hard, folding her in half like a pretzel so he can batter her pussy mercilessly. He practically absorbs her tiny frame, wrapping her in his powerful arms and plowing her all over his bed like a farmer's fresh field. Coco is tailor-made for roles like this.

Michael shows once again why he's such a capable director. He knows how to capture tone and intensity, he knows how to create characters that are memorable, and he knows what kind of sex his audience is looking for. No doubt, these two stories will appeal to the Pure Taboo demographic.


Jessica (Charly Summer) wants nothing more than to get attention from her stepfather, Ryan (Seth Gamble). He's confident, cool, and stable... everything that she wants in a parent figure. But Ryan is a typical alpha male when it comes to all things football. The morning of the big game, Ryan barks at Jessica to get out of the house so that he can enjoy the game in peace. Although Jessica agrees, she slyly changes into revealing loungewear and casually enters the man cave. Jessica, feeling braver than ever, settles in next to him. She KNOWS this is her moment and seizes it. Coco Lovelock has had a troubled past, having been sent from home to home as she's traveled through the merciless foster system. Luckily, she's now stumbled upon a loving husband and wife who have agreed to take her in, Isiah Maxwell and Ana Foxxx. Shes so thankful. One day, Coco dresses up in some sensual clothes and makes a move on Isiah while Ana's not home. Isiah tries to resist Coco's strange charms but eventually falls victim to her game. Will Ana get back home on time to stop what's about to happen, or will she be too late?

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