Multi-Orgasmic 10

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Multi-Orgasmic 10

The sweeties in "Multi-Orgasmic 10," a simple, straight-up boner-bursting gonzo from Porn Pros, are screamers. Boy, can they wail! But it's all in the name of pleasure. Whether by gigantic vibrator or thick, long prick, these newbies are gonna get off, one way or another. And they most certainly do so — loudly.

The most curvy and luscious of our quartet of multi-orgasmic babes is definitely Rissa May, who drives herself nuts with a giant white vibe, before Kyle Mason cums to the rescue. First, Kyle deeply sucks her twat, for which he's duly rewarded with an equally deep, nasty, saliva-dripping deepthroating. Way to blow, Rissa! She repeatedly orgasms during cowgirl, doggie (traditional and standing), missionary, and reverse-cowgirl — her amazing chest orbs frequently swaying/undulating/jiggling/bouncing — before Kyle gives the glowing darling a cum face-bath. Rissa rocks!

Brunette spinner Venice Rose is first seen dancing by herself in a kitchen, before she drives herself mad with a glass dildo. Then, veteran stud Brock Cooper appears and starts rubbing her already dripping clit to a thoroughly sopping state — with lots of groans, moans, and cries of passion from Venice. And Brock soon gives the wanton wench some good downhome dick. She first elatedly sucks Brock-cock, followed by Cooper stuffing her cooch with beef on the kitchen floor à la missionary, reverse-cowgirl, cowgirl (love that meaty ass!), and standing doggie (the latter against a cushioned high chair). Brock soon covers her tongue with copious Cooper-cum.

Exotic-looking redhead/charmingly smiling DVD cover girl Clara Trinity is a precious pixie with amazing all-natural tits, initially howling as, in the middle of a bright/warm living room, she rides one of those noisy electronic monster saddles, before Kyle returns to give this new cutie the real deal (and more squeals). I love the marvy eye contact Clara gives Kyle as he shovels cock meat down her gullet. After chowing down on Clara's clam, Kyle pummels that fresh, young pussy via missionary (I love, too, how her eyes disappear into her skull from sheer ecstasy), reverse-cowgirl (watch her knees convulse and buckle from sundry orgasms), doggie (such a succulent butt and incredibly puffy, hearty pussy!), cowgirl (that booty is just killer!), and missionary (jackhammer style, with Clara's back and head upon the carpet and legs over her head, as Kyle dunks dick deep into her tight twat — and her eyes again vanish into her head from extreme pleasure). Clara's sincerely joyous smile is nothing less than precious as the doll gets fully doused with jizz. Love ya, Clara!

Things end fantastically with delightful maiden Layla Jenner, whose own sincere beaming smile is highly infectious. Our newbie is first seen dancing and shedding her clothes in the middle of another bright, white living room, eventually servicing herself on a sofa with a monstrous white vibrator. The doohickey makes her screech with pleasure, as does the tongue-lashing Ken Feels gives her labia, followed by a good going-over by his throbbing penis. Layla's definitely got a lovely way of sucking dick — loud, wet, filled with wonderful eye contact — before Feels makes her go koo-koo with Ken-cock. The highlights include cowgirl (that round ass is highly slappable, which Feels takes full advantage of), missionary (I even love Layla's cute overbite as she cries — almost to the verge of tears — with ecstasy), and doggie, before that delightful smile is plastered with pud paste. Superb!

From curvy Rissa to intensely randy Venice to crazily tight Clara to off-the-scale Layla, "Multi-Orgasmic 10" is a winner. But make sure you wear headphones while watching it; otherwise, your neighbors might call the cops, what with all of those high-pitched shrieks emanating from the constantly cumming cuties.


As long as they keep cumming, we're going to keep on fucking.

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