My Sexy Hotwife 2

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My Sexy Hotwife 2

New Sensations directors Alex Ladd and Paul Woodcrest take viewers on a kinky hotwifing thrill ride in "My Sexy Hotwife 2."

Reyna Belle, Damon Dice:

Reyna Belle and Damon Dice are accustomed to hot threesomes that include Reyna's husband, but he's delayed on business — which means it will just be the two of them this time around. No matter: Reyna knows just what Damon likes, including using her ample tits to get him off. A fantastic blowjob leads to Reyna getting deep-dicked on the couch as Damon wraps her curvy body in his powerful arms. She rides him in exquisite fashion before what I think is the hottest moment in the scene: Damon slides underneath her and eats her out while she's still in reverse cowgirl. My goodness, it's hot!

Nika Venom, Danny Mountain:

Domineering Nika Venom has a husband who recognizes how much of a fuck machine she is, and he wants nothing but the best for her. So, he encourages her to hook up with other men who can satisfy her. Danny Mountain is handsome and good at his job, so naturally, Nika decides to conquer him next. After a sensual massage (I was so glad to see the director spend significant time on this part of the scene because massages are super sexy and get overlooked way too often in massage scenes), Nika directs Danny to get down to business. She is such a voluptuous woman, and she looks so amazing wrapped around Danny's body. You don't want to miss the way Nika claps her ass as she's riding Danny on the massage table; nor should you skip the stunning reverse cowgirl that sets her excellent tits flapping in the wind like condor wings.

Jessie Rogers, Lucky Fate:

Jessie Rogers calls her husband to tell him she's fucking the neighbor today while he's off at work. It's kinky watching Lucky Fate eat Jessie's pussy while she's on the phone with her husband, and even more so when she hands Lucky the phone so he can thank him for letting him "play with his wife." Jessie has a great body, and her ass is the star of her canvass. Goodness, what a specimen she is: sexy curves all over, a cute face! Did I mention she's got a great ass? We get plenty of Jessie's perfect bottom in this scene, starting with her in doggie before moving to a stunning cowgirl. She does a little bit of reverse cowgirl too, which shows off her sexy stomach and impressive tits before she lets Lucky finish all over her face.

Charlie Forde, Jay Romero:

Charlie Forde's husband is stuck at work and is going to miss their date night again. Charlie, already dressed up and ready for some action, suggests her husband's young co-worker Jay Romero come over and make good use of her mood. Her husband sends Jay over with some files, but of course, that's just an excuse to get him into Charlie's clutches. And once she gets her claws into him, there's no escape! Her blowjob technique is spectacular. Charlie looks like a snake swallowing Jay's cock; then, she lets him fuck her mouth gently but firmly. Talk about getting the libido going! Jay gives Charlie's pussy some nice attention before getting down to the business of her ass. Folks, this is the crown jewel of the scene. Charlie gets all the way in her bag here, moaning and swiveling her hips to meet Jay's thrusts as he plunges his cock into her ass over and over again. This is one of the best anal scenes I've seen in a long time.

The strength of "My Sexy Hotwife 2" is, without a doubt, the cast. The women all shine in their own ways: Reyna and Nika are both spectacular, Jessie is a vision, and Charlie blows the whole roof off with her anal acrobatics.


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