Momster In Law

Momster In Law

Fans of blonde, busty, bawdy MILF Ryan Keely will love this comedic feature, seeing as she's in every scene: i.e., in the opener with Oliver Flynn, in a girl-girl with Serena Hill, and in a threesome with Flynn and Hill. Succulent, nasty Ryan plays well-hung Oliver's ever-jealous, ever-devious, ever-horny-for-him stepmom, who plans to derail his relationship with his cute, brunette fiancée, played by delightful little Serena Hill.

Ryan, who looks like a younger Bette Midler (big tits and all), is a totally juicy porn specimen, presenting a tasty contrast with Serena, who's younger, sleeker, and equally attractive in her own way (in a sweet, almost innocent fashion, actually). And apparently, Keely and Flynn have been doing the nasty on a regular basis, with Oliver telling her that it's wrong to continue doing such, seeing as he's soon getting happily hitched. But he's unable to resist Keely's slutty charms, fucking her in her bedroom while poor, unknowing Serena waits in Keely's living room. Ryan is a first-rate blowjob artiste, with tits definitely big enough to bang — which Oliver readily does. And how Serena doesn't hear Keely's screams of ecstasy (loud ones) as Flynn hammers her pussy in loads of arousing positions is beyond me. Keely takes control during cowgirl, her big ass wobbling every which way; ditto for reverse-cowgirl (marvelous squatting action) and, especially, doggie (care of a merciless pounding from Flynn). After Flynn's seed is sown, he thinks it best that Keely stay with Serena and him for a bit so that she's not too lonely. Keely is happy as a clam after hearing that suggestion, later promising to herself, when Oliver is gone: "That two-bit tramp isn't going to take my son away from me — not while I'm still alive." Uh-oh!

Turns out, Oliver has to go away on business for an entire week and leaves Serena and Keely together, culminating in a scorching girl-girler. After being a total pain-in-the-ass for poor Serena, Keely eventually tells her, "If you prove to me that you can actually satisfy my son, I'll quit arguing with you." Serena agrees, if reluctantly. And check out the large puffy nipples on fresh little Miss Hill. Yum! It's a turn-on when Keely takes control of slightly nervous, highly submissive Serena, whom Ryan spanks a bit, before fingering her and having her suck on her abundant boobies — and then sucking her pussy deep. Ryan soon has Hill sit upon her face, with Keely really lapping up that fine pussy. "Now, show me how you suck cock," Keely eventually says, bringing out a strap-on and making Serena really choke on it before hammering Serena via doggie and then capping things off by sitting on Serena's face. Whew!

Before the marriage itself, Serena and Keely have a major argument, causing our bride-to-be to angrily call off the entire ceremony. But Ryan does have second thoughts, actually regretting her actions. And when Oliver and Serena are having a heart-to-heart chat, Keely tells them that she approves of their marriage, suggesting that they "all make love right now" — which Serena agrees to do, funnily adding "through sickness and health," with emphasis on sickness (no kidding!). The movie climaxes with a nuclear threesome on a king-sized bed.

Doggie with Keely as she eats Serena's pussy (as Hill reclines backwards) is fiery, as is Oliver stacking both ladies up (Keely on the bottom) and fucking 'em back and forth via missionary. Cowgirl with Serena rocks, as does reverse-cowgirl with Keely. Great butts on both these ladies! Oliver eventually jerks off onto their faces, our lusty tarts kissing and organically swapping the still-warm sperm. Nice! "Welcome to the family, darling," Keely tells Serena. A happy ending, indeed!

This upbeat, whimsical comedy is definitely a good title for couples not seeking too much in-your-face sucking and fucking, although both Keely and Hill are sexy and nasty enough for veteran viewers to be fully satisfied. And Flynn really knows how to use his love stick well on both performers.


Love is in the air! Ryan Keely has always been the most important woman to her stepson, Oliver Flynn. Until Serena Hill captures his heart...and dick! Ryan will do whatever it takes to keep them apart, even if it makes her a monster mother in law.

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