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Cadet Khloe

From Team Skeet, here's a comedy showcasing the eponymous Khloe Kapri, a delightful redheaded spinner from Las Vegas who, at 26, has nearly 700 titles to her name. In "Cadet Khloe," the anal princess still looks as fresh as ever. And Kapri gets into trouble left and right as she goes "in and out" (pun intended) of uptight institutes of lower rather than higher learning.

In what looks like a private school — in a class with only four over-18 teens — Khloe is shocked when she gets an F on her midterm. Her teacher, played by GI Joey, accuses her of cheating, after which, Khloe tries to persuade Joey to give her a chance to do some extra credit — which he agrees to, but only if she (dastardly teach!) "gets down on (her) knees and begs." She does; Joey soon bends her over, exposing her butt and spanking her with a ruler before banging her silly in the empty classroom. I didn't realize what a nice, meaty butt Khloe has. And flaunting awesomely thick lips, she's also marvelous at taking Joey's johnson in her adventurous mouth. Penetration-wise, there's missionary, standing-doggie, reverse-cowgirl and cowgirl (she can really bounce on boner!), leading to quite a messy (yes!) pop shot, indeed.

As it turns out, Khloe's older brother has heard everything transpiring between she and Joey on her cell phone, with her brother threatening to snitch everything to their strict military father — which he does, leading to Kapri winding up in a strict military reform school/boot camp, where brunette Freya Von Doom and (my personal favorite) Chloe Temple are her close roommates. All three pals inevitably get into some fun sexual shenanigans. For one, Kapri asks Freya, who's the group's scrounger, if she can scrounge up some cock from the boy's school down the road; Private Jimmy Michaels is ultimately smuggled in. Each girl's mouth and muff gets a crack at Jimmy's overworked prick; my favorite is the vastly underrated Ms. Temple, who flaunts a darling face and one of the best, juiciest butts in the biz. I can't keep my eyes off of her. After our star Khloe animatedly rides Jimmy reverse-cowgirl, he stacks Temple on top of Freya and does 'em doggie style in tandem. Standing doggie with Kapri rocks, as does Temple going balls-deep with Jimmy's joint. Also of note is Temple sitting her fine fanny on Freya's face while Jimmy is banging Von Doom missionary, with each girl deepthroating Michaels' member (Temple doing the best job), before he lays a fat dollop of dick custard on each of their awaiting tongues. Great! So, do they get caught with their knickers down by their mean-spirited female drill sergeant? No spoilers here.

Fade to Kapri celebrating Memorial Day at a hamburger and hot dog barbecue at Sergeant Miles' — her stepdad's — home, attended by cousins and her fink of a stepbrother, played by Parker Ambrose, who eventually gets his dick sucked by carnal Khloe (some terrific stringers!) while Sergeant Miles makes a patriotic speech indoors. But Dad inevitably busts the two, ultimately giving Parker the OK to satiate her stepsister's uncontrollable "urges" so that she can "focus" (whatever that means). The perverted stepdad joins in on the freaky taboo threesome. There's sloppy double sucking (lots of near-suffocating deepthroating), along with deep missionary and cowgirl — the best being reverse-cowgirl and doggie (both showcasing Khloe's choice cheeks), with the boys pretty much getting a crack at each position. Industrious Khloe always keeps her mouth busy, before Pops, well, pops inside her cooch during doggie — after which, Parker shoots a fat wad all over her schnaz. Sweet.

There are lots of laughs to be had with "Cadet Khloe." And the sex is grand, especially with such a hot-to-trot XXX specimen as dirty little Khloe, who revels in rod during all three scenes. And the other Chloe (can't get enough of her!) also delivers her usual outstanding performance. This is a perfect title for couples.


Khloe isn't the best student, but she knows how to get her way. After getting caught trading sex for grades, she's sent to a reform school for rebellious teens. Now, Khloe is under constant surveillance but even a domineering drill sergeant isn't strong enough to break her rebellious nature. When she's finally sent home, it's abundantly clear that nothing is going to stop Khloe from being the naughty girl she was born to be!

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