Marina Valmont: From Beauty Queen to Naked News Anchor

Marina Valmont: From Beauty Queen to Naked News Anchor

Marina Valmont grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, spending a lot of time walking in nature and enjoying Canada’s beautiful parks and lakes. She describes her younger self as an avid reader who spent a lot of time at the library, as well as a girly girl with a deep love for Disney, fantasy movies and Barbie.

Hoping to realize her dream of someday traveling the world, she studied travel and tourism in college. But while she loved learning about different destinations, too many of her classes seemed like “filler.” Was she really paying tuition to do busy work like learning to manually book a plane ticket in case the internet ever goes down? Feeling like she was wasting time and money, Valmont decided that college was not for her.

My brand is sexy/quirky, which comes across in my content, in which I’m not afraid to be silly and laugh at myself.

One thing she did enjoy was promo modeling and pageant competitions, where she could feel sexy, enjoy lots of attention and earn money. She became a Bud girl, competed in Miss Universe Canada, modeled at car shows and appeared in calendars.

She wanted more, though. She had grown up watching old Hollywood movies, drawn to the magic of starlets like Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and Vivian Leigh, who enthralled spellbound audiences with their sex appeal and glamour. She wanted that!

Valmont also vividly remembers watching “Showgirls” and loving the skimpy costumes and glitter of Las Vegas, feeling a magnetic pull toward that environment. When the opportunity to start exotic dancing came up, she went for it.

Onstage, she felt free. With all eyes on her, she imagined herself as a succubus, absorbing and feeding on the lustful energy around her. From there, she began exploring streaming and content creation, building a social media following — her own spellbound audiences enthralled with her sex appeal.

Now, as this month’s featured creator, Valmont discusses her career and opens up about her hopes for the future.

XBIZ: What are your primary revenue streams, and which platforms are you most active on?

Valmont: My primary revenue stream is from Tempted, a Naked News fan site. It takes the traffic directly from and offers a more intimate experience with the anchor of your choice. I sell my pay-per-views, livestream twice weekly and do customs and video calls with fans.

Next is my reporting and producing for Naked News, which keeps me very busy, and the schedule changes weekly! I’m on OnlyFans and Loyalfans too, though I much prefer Loyalfans because they have fewer content restrictions. For instance, I love public flashing/nudity, but can’t post that on OnlyFans.

I livestream weekly on Twitch and generate revenue through subs, which filter down to my fan sites as well. I’m really grateful to be a YouTube Partner and have the opportunity to market myself to a massive audience. YouTube does very well for new traffic, but I don’t make much money there because of content restrictions, which have tightened in recent years. The higher the age restriction on your content, the less likely you are to make ad revenue. With 11,000 subscribers, I made $15 this month — but I’m playing the long game!

XBIZ: In what ways have you evolved, both professionally and personally, since becoming a creator?

Valmont: I’ve evolved tremendously, mentally and physically, since entering the business. I’m much more mature in my interactions with fans. Nasty or rude comments used to affect me a lot more, but now I realize most fans are speaking to an image of me that they have in their mind and often don’t see me as a real person. The criticisms can be overwhelming initially, but I developed a thick skin over the years.

One of the most important things I’ve learned is that “no man is an island.” You need a good team around you to help you succeed. Even though I have the skills to do it, I have a video editor for most of my content. That’s because it frees up a lot of time for me to use more productively. I work with top industry photographers to ensure my social media and promo photos look solid. I get body-painted because it’s artistic, unique and very attention-getting. My PR team at The Rub PR handles my interviews and promotes my successes.

XBIZ: Talk about a few of the career milestones you’ve achieved in recent years that you’re most proud of.

Valmont: Being Playboy Czech Miss April 2018 put me on the map as a social media influencer. Those photos were fantastic, and I’m so proud of them.

I shot my first adult film in 2023. It’s not out yet, but it’s for a very prominent company and was a very sensual girl/girl scene. It was shot so well that I’m counting the days until I can see it!

I had a tremendous career milestone when I went viral on TikTok, getting over a million views. It was my take on Susan Boyle’s hashtag PR nightmare, where her team used the hashtag #susanalbumparty — which at a glance seems like “sus anal bum party” rather than the intended “Susan album party.”

Over the past few years, I’ve stepped more into producing at Naked News and being a top anchor. This led to holding auditions for international correspondents during XBIZ Amsterdam. It’s so enjoyable doing interviews and filming out of the studio, and it’s really nice to help someone’s dream of being on TV come true, because I was in that place once.

When I got body-painted as Batman, it was also very special. Batman is my favorite superhero, so cosplaying him was monumental! It looked amazing too.

XBIZ: How do you handle social media marketing, keeping fans engaged with authenticity while also promoting your content?

Valmont: It’s a lot of work, but I manage my socials myself — including Instagram,, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Snapchat and Pornhub. I feel it’s important to showcase my personality, as that’s the most successful way to keep my fans.

As I mentioned, I livestream multiple times a week concurrently on Twitch and TikTok live and Tempted, my fan site. This allows fans to get to know me for free — and to get to love me even more for my fun, bubbly personality!

XBIZ: When you’re not working, how do you spend your free time?

Valmont: I love watching superhero, horror and sci-fi movies. Besides Batman, I like watching other DC heroes and Marvel. I love how dark DC is compared to Marvel, so I’m definitely more of a DC girl.

I smoke a lot of weed too, since it’s recreationally legal in Canada. Different strains inspire my creativity and give me some of my best content ideas. I write them down and ruminate on them until I’ve thoroughly thought the idea through. To unwind, I find it so relaxing to do jigsaw puzzles.

XBIZ: How do you stay healthy, physically and mentally, while balancing your job duties?

Valmont: I do yoga a few times a week to maintain my flexibility. I love twerking and posing for my fans, so yoga keeps me limber. I jump on the elliptical two to four times a week, and it really declutters my mind. It’s hard to schedule time in between livestreams to eat and recharge, but I do my best.

XBIZ: What is the “Marina Valmont” brand, as far as style, content visuals and overall vibe?

Valmont: My brand is sexy/quirky, which comes across in my content, in which I’m not afraid to be silly and laugh at myself. I use humor to dilute my sexiness and to help myself not get reported on social media. It’s a strategy that works.

My brand is also elegant and classy. No matter how sexy I get, I avoid crassness and crude behavior. I feel like it draws more gentlemanly fans, and it just feels natural. I don’t swear much in general and love being polite.

My fans have come to know me as dependable. I’m never late or a no-show for a livestream. If I say I’m going to do something, I do it. I’ve established a level of trustworthiness and integrity as part of my brand.

Cosplay is something I love and enjoy sharing with my fans. It’s so engaging because I can dress up as an iconic character and discuss movies and TV shows with my fans. This gives us something to bond over. It also makes my fans see me as a superhero or goddesslike figure — which is my vibe since I’m a statuesque five-foot-nine.

XBIZ: What are your ambitions for 2024?

Valmont: My main ambition is to stay focused, stay local for most of 2024 and create. I also want to spend more time with my community by livestreaming on Twitch and TikTok. When I livestream, the traffic really trickles down and positively affects engagement. I get more Instagram, Twitter and YouTube followers, and my fan site subscriptions see a boost. It’s a win-win because I love being social and chatting.

I also want to more than double those 11,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel this year. I will post more regularly and start doing try-on hauls in addition to my usual interviews and product reviews. I want YouTube to be a huge focus. Plus I’d love to appear in another adult film. I’m in talks about it, so let’s see what 2024 will manifest!


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