What's Hot Now: Leading Content Players on Trending Genres, Monetization Strategies

What's Hot Now: Leading Content Players on Trending Genres, Monetization Strategies

The juggernaut creator economy hurtles along, fueled by ever-ascendant demand for personality-based authenticity and intimacy — yet any reports of the demise of the traditional paysite are greatly exaggerated. Indeed, the paysite landscape has adapted and evolved, surviving and thriving by spawning a veritable hydra of content pipelines flexing star power, editing polish, marketing muscle and cross-selling savvy to drive traffic with creative innovation.

From multibrand conglomerates with a kaleidoscope of content channels, to scrappy midsized businesses verging on indie status, paysite operators leverage a network of in-house and contract directors to keep their content coffers filled with a steady stream of releases. Fine-tuning a signature style of content, site design and marketing enables these brands to find their own unique voice — yet they must also scramble to keep up with and capitalize on consumers’ cravings.

While certain niches balloon and deflate unpredictably, others are evergreen, making it tricky to anticipate whether consumers will opt for “more of the same” or partake of a sampler platter catering to a surprising variety of tastes.

For insider perspectives on what’s hot right now, XBIZ reached out to paysite operators, website service providers and VOD platforms including;; Falcon Studios/NakedSword; NMG Management clients Paper Street Media, Metart and FilthyKings; Sansyl Group brands SinfulXXX, ClubSweethearts and AdultPrime; as well as Full Porn Network and its brands like SlutInspection and PornForce.

They weighed in on everything from which content genres are bestsellers to how they stay ahead of the curve with analytics, production value, shrewdly-targeted content and marketing muscle, plus how they are positioning themselves for the future based on today’s dynamic market.

Capitalizing on Bestselling Content Genres

So, what content genres seem to be selling the best and exactly how are paysite players capitalizing on these trends?

Sarah M of Euro-based VOD platform notes, “In the past year, we’ve observed a significant surge in demand for story-based films aimed at couples and women. High-quality amateur videos, exemplified by popular series like ‘Lola & James,’ are also performing exceptionally well.”

In response to these trends, she says, Erotik is continuously expanding its inventory in these areas, aiming to ensure a diverse and appealing selection for the site’s audience.

Brandon Sirrico, chief revenue officer for Paper Street, sees notable demand for content that seamlessly integrates relatable role-playing scenarios and stories that could unfold in real life.

“Our approach involves ‘pornifying’ everyday situations, creating narratives that resonate with viewers on a personal level,” he says. “For instance, we’ve seen increased interest in content portraying realistic relationships, workplace scenarios or scenarios within familiar settings.

“We also continue to publish content that mixes sensuality with a dash of humor,” Sirocco elaborates. “By infusing adult content with relatable narratives, we’re tapping into the desire for a more authentic and emotionally engaging experience. This strategy has resulted in a surge in engagement, as viewers find themselves drawn to the familiarity while still enjoying the exciting elements of adult entertainment.”

Camille Clouvel, head of corporate communication and corporate social responsibility at renowned French glamcore studio Dorcel, states that the most successful content for them is that which offers a premium experience, focusing on narratives and fantasies specifically designed for couples.

“This trend aligns perfectly with our quality-focused strategic approach, providing an enriching experience for our audience,” Clouvel explains. “The emphasis on story-driven films and fantasies tailored for couples has been at the core of our production for 45 years. We strongly believe that this approach creates more intimate and engaging experiences for consumers, with 58% of those consuming both free and paid content doing so as couples.”

The study from which she draws this data was conducted for Dorcel by the market research firm Yougov, which surveyed more than 2,000 people in France between the ages of 18 and 65, factoring in trends also confirmed in Poland, the U.S. and Germany.

“It’s noteworthy that 64% of adults wouldn’t mind watching adult content with their partner if proposed,” she notes. “Our clients predominantly watch our productions to spice up their intimacy. Adult films serve as one of the tools for exploring fantasies and desires, and fostering a fulfilling sex life.

“By capitalizing on these trends, we continue to invest in content creation that not only follows but also anticipates market developments,” Clouvel adds. “We constantly explore new ways to capture our audience’s interest by staying attuned to customer preferences, expectations and the broader societal context.”

Sometimes grabbing consumers’ attention is less about genre and more about cinematic quality and narrative, Metart CMO Magalie Rheault observes.

“Metart has long been the industry leader in high-end erotic art and we have applied the principles of Metart to our harder sites like Sexart, MetartX and VivThomas,” she says. “This means top-end production values, international elite models and story-driven sexuality. Maintaining this level requires a worldwide production team of dedicated creative people that continually challenge themselves to keep up with member expectations and demand.”

In other instances, laser focus on a specific genre can spell success. Suzanne Ferrari, head of production and media for Full Porn Network, says that is the company’s bestselling property, describing it as the Netflix of anal porn.

“We are curating a site with all of the best anal sex ever made, all in one convenient place for customers to enjoy it,” she offers. “Our goal is to make it easy for consumers to find the porn that they are searching for, by putting it all in one place for them.”

Dan Ferrari, director for, also tries to stay aware of which way the wind is blowing.

“We’ve noticed that our BBW and teen content seem to perform very well,” he reports. “I try not to specifically focus on one genre over another, but I would consider prioritizing producing content that is trending upward.”

Meanwhile, producer Chris sees three genres dominating tube sites’ “hot” lists: step-fantasy, rough sex and amateur. He says this spurred PornForce’s focus on very hardcore sex with amateur models.

“By combining two of the three strongest genres early on, when nobody was doing it properly, we had great success with it right away,” he explains.

When it comes to trends in the gay market, few can match the experience and insight of Ben Rush, Falcon Studios VP of creative content development and entertainment marketing. A prolific director, screenwriter and producer himself, Rush oversees the creative development of the Falcon Studios/NakedSword hardcore movie products, as well as brand extensions that include independent film projects, publishing, apparel, accessories and adult toys. Rush’s role in strategic consumer marketing for the brands offers him a bird’s-eye view of the sector.

“Falcon/NakedSword has one of the most innovative teams in the industry, particularly in terms of knowing what type of content is of interest to different demographics and knowing how to develop and market those projects accordingly,” he notes. “We are avid readers, movie watchers, theatergoers, art lovers and trend junkies who bring our love of pop culture to the office each day.”

Rush says everyone at the company works tirelessly to anticipate and understand technological advancements, changing consumer tastes and attitudes toward sex, as well as the types and formats of video product that are of interest to viewers.

“We’ve found that our customers have a deep appreciation for the classic Falcon and Hot House aesthetics — stunning golden beach boys and clean-cut collegiates — as well as the hardworking, hirsute studs of Raging Stallion and Club Inferno,” he says. “In each of those categories, we take the most beautiful and compelling physical attributes and match them with storylines and/or contexts that appeal to their fans. The rough-and-ready hairy auto mechanics and moving guys of ‘Tongue in Cheek,’ and the fishermen on the dock of ‘The Beach House,’ for example, feature the perfect guys in the perfect scenarios.

“Then take the clean-cut surfers of Falcon’s ‘Endless Summer’ and the scorching men of ‘Make It Last,’” Rush continues. “Those movies pair handsome twunks with pools and ocean surf, another winning combination for us. And NakedSword? There you have the biggest stars in the hottest international action projects. We’re very conscious of the types of movies and casts that appeal to the fans of each label and make catering to their desires our top — and bottom — priority.”

Dennis Koning, director of Pass4T/Photorama, who leads acquisitions and offline strategy for Sansyl Group, takes a “something for everyone” approach.

“On our TV channels, the good old gonzo-style porn is still very popular, while we see that niche content — for instance, grannies and young/old — is performing better on the different online VOD platforms that we work with,” Koning says. “Within our paysite portfolio, it is harder to say what the exact trends are. We have successful products in almost every genre and niche. As long as the quality is good and the products satisfy a group of specific porn consumers, every site can be successful. For next year, we are just focusing on rolling out more quality sites, to give our users the best possible online porn experience.”

Kenny B of YourPaysitePartner, which provides services and solutions for paysite operators, clip store owners and creators, finds it challenging to pinpoint only a select few genres that are selling well, given how much success his clients are having across a variety of niches. Instead, he highlights overall quality as a determining factor.

“Great content with high production value is what we capitalize on,” he explains. “This year marks 25 years in the paysite side of the industry for us, and now more than ever I see how crucial it is for content creators to invest in proper lighting, equipment and post-production to ensure the highest-quality product possible.”

Charting the Market Terrain and Taking Creative Risks

This snapshot of current trends reflects more than clicks, views and conversions. Underlying disparate brands’ decisions to serve already-established consumer demand, pursue particular genres, or take creative and professional risks by exploring or even creating untapped niches, are a variety of factors and influences.

Beyond internal metrics, some paysite operators turn to tube site trends for inspiration in deciding which market trends may be worth capitalizing on. For instance, after noticing that “MILF” and “creampie” were top searches on Pornhub, owner Jacob Rivera decided to combine the two by adding to his network a site called, which he says is doing very well.

“I absolutely love trying anything I think has a chance,” Rivera offers. “I have no problem spending money on a ‘risk.’ I believe as long as you get hot, passionate sex, you can’t lose. I’m in the process of doing a ‘FilthyASMR’ brand. Others have shot scenes in the genre, but I think they really missed the mark, so I’m obviously excited to show the world my version of this kink.”

According to Sarah M, Erotik favors a data-driven strategy.

“Our approach to selecting genres is heavily influenced by ongoing customer surveys, allowing us to identify and respond to emerging trends proactively,” she explains. “This enables us to explore potentially untapped niches while balancing creative risks with market demands.”

Meanwhile, Clouvel describes Dorcel’s trajectory as very much linked with adapting to the present, essentially evolving in harmony with society.

“In recent years, there has been a redefinition of gender relations,” she observes. “A rejection of imposed stereotypes and models of femininity and masculinity, glamour, pleasure and beauty. This challenge to the patriarchal system leads to new expectations. People are yearning for more diversity and variety in content while demanding responsibility and commitment from companies. In this context, our content exploration goes beyond mere entertainment; it incorporates an understanding of societal shifts. It’s crucial for us to showcase all sexualities, presenting the richness of numerous forms of adult content that cannot be reduced to a single definition of pornography.”

The explosion of “Big Data” has exponentially increased how much paysite operators can learn about audiences. Metart’s Rheault considers this an increasingly important source of information — but best when combined with direct contact with members through onsite comments and support team interaction.

“One-on-one communication led to some creative risk-taking and the testing of lesbian strap-on content,” Rheault recalls. “Ultimately, this test content, combined with good data analysis, resulted in the release of ‘’ which is a full premium site for this unique niche.”

Asked about how Full Porn Network steers its diverse collection of sites, encompassing everything from anal to taboo, Suzanne Ferrari identifies what she sees as the common thread.

“We continuously push the envelope to provide the fantasy that people are looking for,” Ferrari says. “A great example of this would be Sofie Marie on DaughterJOI. Even though she is a hot MILF, in this scene she’s playing a fantasy daughter encouraging the viewer to participate.”

For Dan Ferrari of SlutInspection, models’ preferences can be as influential as audience preferences.

“If a model likes to shoot a specific genre, and it does well, then of course I would consider creating more as time goes on,” he affirms. “Nothing is set in stone.”

PornForce producer Chris also lets talent performance drive content decisions, and remains open to trying new formulas — though he adds a caveat: “Adapting to the needs of your audience is crucial in order to be successful in the long run.”

Keeping Falcon/NakedSword at the forefront of creative content development, Rush underlines, requires experimentation.

“For many reasons, some of which are discussed in our YouTube featurette about the film ‘Overdrive,’ gay audiences are drawn to horror films,” Rush shares by way of example. “Themes of overcoming adversity are relatable to gay men, but, we wondered, would the thematic elements of a slasher film marry well with gay porn? We took a chance, and it paid off handsomely — pun intended. We gave fans two genres of entertainment they love with a story that straddled the line between both, and it worked. We’ll continue to blur those lines.”

Branding collaborations with top-tier talent, most notably the company’s “NakedSword x Rhyheim” and “NakedSword x Beau Butler” collections, have further enabled Falcon/NakedSword to successfully combine its established in-house resources with international casts, independent content creators and unique visions, Rush notes.

“We’ve premiered some remarkable content under these banners, and audiences have shown up for it,” he says. “Nothing feels more rewarding than our loyal fans responding so resoundingly to fresh concepts. Also of note are two of our fetish films, ‘Fist First’ and ‘When Push Comes to Shove,’ which featured new and standout faces such as exclusive Dean Young and gorgeous twink Oliver Marks.”

Rush also credits these series with introducing the kinkier side of NakedSword to a new audience.

“We rolled the dice on those movies, balancing the brands under a ‘NakedSword x Club Inferno’ banner,” Rush explains. “The two titles met with great success, generating new members for both sites. We’ll absolutely walk that line again in 2024.”

Part of Sansyl Group’s approach, according to Koning, is jumping on a good opportunity when you see one.

“We are always willing to invest if we see a certain potential, in all the different markets that we serve,” he says. “The last couple of years we invested a lot in the female-friendly and couples-friendly niche with sites like SinfulXXX. When we started back in 2016, there were not many sites like that on the market. Besides that, we also invested a lot in content niches such as fetish, granny and bisex. Our oldest brand, ClubSweethearts, is all exclusive these days with big productions — our ‘Originals’ — making sure fans get the best of the best within that niche.”

Kenny B of YourPaysitePartner says he has always been keen to take risks on producers who are less concerned with following trends and more interested in triggering new ones.

“Generally, if a producer is shooting content for an untapped market, it’s because they have a true passion for that niche and know where to find the community that’s interested in their type of content,” he emphasizes. “Chasing what is popular means competing with everyone else chasing the ‘in thing,’ whereas being the frontrunner in your own niche, while targeting a smaller pool, makes finding that traffic, converting and retaining those members, much easier.”

Sirrico says Paper Street closely monitors industry trends, conducts surveys and analyzes consumer behavior to identify emerging interests. Ultimately, however, he agrees that willingness to take creative risks is key.

“We are gutsy and take a lot of swings,” he says. “We’ve got a series specially dedicated to exploring new concepts under our TeamSkeet Labs and MYLF Labs divisions. Last year, we launched a variety of new series that cover new niches for our subscribers. A recently launched series called ‘Breeding Material’ was a result of our exploration efforts. This year will be no exception, and we will be launching new series regularly.

“Creative risks are essential for staying ahead in today’s market,” he affirms.

Marketing Content Effectively to Drive Traffic and Brand Awareness

Getting the word out is half the battle.

For today’s paysites, that means leveraging an increasingly complex web of marketing avenues, from social media to ad buys and creator ambassadorships. It also takes an understanding of what sways each genre’s target audience, from keywords to visual style and more.

What strategies are proving effective for driving traffic and increasing brand awareness?

“We employ a blend of newsletters and targeted campaigns on our website,” says Sarah M of Erotik. “These have proven effective in ensuring our content reaches its intended audience.”

Clouvel sees Dorcel’s impressive 45-year track record as its secret weapon when it comes to marketing.

“We believe that maintaining consistency in the quality of our content, and in the dedication with which we work, is the most effective method for attracting traffic and enhancing brand awareness,” she says. “Staying true to our commitment to the right of consenting adults to enjoy a free and respectful sexuality, in compliance with laws, builds trust with our audience. It is this trust that holds the key to our success.”

Rheault circles back to Metart’s commitment to quality above all, no matter the site, niche or content type. This dedication to polish extends even to the company’s social media and affiliate-driven marketing, which broadly target consumers with a wide range of tastes.

“For more targeted campaigns, we work with industry partners who produce compatible content and build each other’s brand and membership base,” she says. “As the site grows and data comes in, we adapt and adjust as needed.”

According to Suzanne Ferrari, Full Porn Network relies on a variety of marketing tools to increase exposure, spanning affiliates, tubes, social media and even premium social media platforms. Chris of PornForce also utilizes the tubes and socials, while Dan Ferrari points out that the SlutInspection network has made unique sites for each genre, so fans can either sign up for all sites at once or specify which individual sites match their tastes.

“There are many ways of driving traffic, with everything from being active on social media platforms to cross-promotion with other sites,” he explains. “Every opportunity to reach a new prospective customer should be considered.”

While many media outlets have prophesied the decline of social media, observes Rush, he has only seen consumer engagement with Falcon/NakedSword increase due to these platforms.

“We leverage our robust fan followings — those on the individual Falcon Studios, NakedSword, Raging Stallion, Hot House and Fisting Central accounts — by connecting them with a steady stream of original photos and video clips edited specifically to provide quality material in a format that is on-trend,” he offers. “In addition, we are strategic in generating publicity for our brands and products outside of the adult world.

“For example, Howard Stern and ‘World of Wonder’ have touted our popular holiday movie franchise on their SiriusXM shows, while late-night talk personality Andy Cohen has highlighted our recent horror blockbuster, ‘Overdrive,’” Rush continues. “‘Discretion Advised,’ our hit podcast hosted by Marc MacNamara and John Hill, has also allowed us to position ourselves in the zeitgeist by pairing notable adult performers in conversation with the stars of television’s ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ and ‘The Real Housewives’ franchises, among many others.”

Rush views community outreach as essential for conveying Falcon/NakedSword’s values and identity as a company. To that end, the company uses movie merchandise and sponsored events to raise funds for causes such as Pineapple Support and the ACLU Drag Defense Fund.

“Essentially, our marketing approach is like a rope made up of threads attached to trade advertising and editorial coverage, social media, mainstream publicity, consumer promotions, first-rate graphic and video assets and community events,” he summarizes.

Sansyl Group also relies on multiple channels, Koning says — particularly when launching a new content line.

“We release DVDs, deliver the content to VOD platforms, broadcast the material on TV and launch a website with the content,” he explains. “We do this all under the same brand name with the same artwork, so we always work hard on our brand awareness through all the different channels.

“Of course, we also work with the biggest tube sites in order to get as many eyeballs as possible on our products,” Koning adds. “Besides that, we run the affiliate program, which is being used by a lot of different webmasters. You can find us on most review and discount sites, since we aim to generate as much traffic as we can.”

A few years ago, Kenny B says, his go-to for increasing brand awareness would likely have been tube sites — love them or hate them. Today, however, he sees social media as having more of an impact, as long as it is approached strategically and consistently.

“Review sites are also a great source of qualified traffic, as well as discount sites like Idealgasm, which give the budget-conscious consumer more bang for their buck,” he says.

As an indie website operator, Rivera says, he promotes FilthyKings via tube sites as well as VOD and broadcasting avenues.

“As for promoting or advertising outside these normal ways, I give promo codes out to models, giving money back to them when their fans sign up through their specific code,” he shares. “I once did a billboard advertising my site with a promo code, ‘IMKING,’ while paying to have an article about my story published. I think my site has tons of potential, so I’m open to investing in any way to get it out to the world’s eyeballs.”

How Consumer Tastes Have Evolved Over Time

With front-row seats to the evolution of content consumption, many of today’s leading operators can offer a unique perspective on what fans tend to gravitate toward — a view forged and informed by years or even decades of experience and therefore not unduly influenced by fads.

Rivera acknowledges the success of brands with Netflix-style offerings and scripted content, but believes average folks still mainly seek out the same genres that were popular 10 years ago.

Sarah M, on the other hand, has seen a noticeable shift in consumer preferences on Erotik’s platform.

“Demand for extreme niches and standard gonzo formats has diminished, while ‘couple-friendly’ films are gaining traction,” she says. “Our customer surveys corroborate this trend, revealing a willingness to pay for high-quality content. Additionally, we’ve observed an increase in producers investing more in their productions.”

Remarking on the rise of fan sites, Clouvel says she believes it has enriched all sectors of the market, as fans establish closer connections with performers.

“This approach is very different from what Dorcel does, as we create and market cinematic productions,” she notes. “However, these two forms of content consumption are complementary and coexist harmoniously. Many of the performers we collaborate with have accounts on these platforms, allowing them greater autonomy and independence from traditional productions to secure their income. This shift is highly positive, fostering a more balanced relationship between performers and studios.

“Another advantage of these private content platforms is akin to streaming platforms in the music industry — they have reintroduced to consumers the concept of paying for content,” she observes. “Responsible consumption now involves a financial commitment, enabling an industry to thrive, structure itself and contribute to the protection of its performers.”

Amid this backdrop of ascendant fan sites, Kenny B has likewise observed increased willingness to spend money consuming porn, be it on monthly memberships or paying per scene.

“That said, more money is being spent engaging with the model than simply viewing their content,” he underscores. “Downloading content is also something that isn’t as prevalent as it was, with more people using phones to view content, so ensuring fast and reliable streaming of videos has become extremely important.”

Sirrico has noticed audiences becoming more discerning and specific in their preferences.

“Viewers now demand more refined, high-quality productions that cater to their individual tastes,” he underscores. “What’s noteworthy is the rising preference for premium paid services over free options, as viewers seek an elevated and exclusive experience. Rather than getting lost in a sea of lower-quality productions, consumers are increasingly valuing the curated and superior offerings that come with paid subscriptions catering to their fantasies.

“This shift highlights a desire for high-quality content and recognition that investing in premium services provides a more satisfying and tailored experience,” he adds. “We’re continuously looking for ways to improve that experience for the consumer.”

Rheault echoes that sentiment, and affirms MetArt’s commitment to keeping up with evolving consumer expectations and standards.

“Sex for the sake of sex is everywhere and no longer enough, so the onus is on us to go further and give fans what they are asking for,” she says. “We will continually spend more to deliver higher production values, better model interaction and more narrative-driven, cinematic quality content.”

Suzanne Ferrari believes that it is vital to provide customers with easy access to exactly the porn they prefer, which for Full Porn Network means curating a large content library so consumers need look no further.

“We live in a digital age where everyone wants instant gratification,” she points out. “So our goal is to put hundreds or thousands of scenes in front of the consumer and let them choose what to add to their account. For example, a customer of Slutty BBWs can now add PorkVendors to their account with just a click of a button. These sites fit well together for customers with a BBW fetish.”

In an increasingly creator-driven market, Dan Ferrari believes, there has never been more opportunity for businesses of every size.

“As opposed to large studios, creators and small studios are able to deliver a product that gives a sense of a more genuine understanding of what the customer wants, often with content specifically geared toward a specific customer or group of customers,” he explains.

PornForce’s Chris sees fans drifting away from tentpole productions toward more amateur-style content.

“They have been fed the same boring sludge for the past 35 years,” he says. “Story-driven, candy-colored, pretentious and implausible nonsense. Most modern viewers can’t relate to any of this stuff and prefer real scenarios with real people. Amateur porn.”

By contrast, Rush sees Falcon/NakedSword’s “tentpole productions” as driving its surge in subscriptions.

“Fans are very enthusiastic about our narrative productions that offer high, cinematic production value and propulsive, episodic storytelling,” he says. “In uncertain times, people look for entertaining and escapist material, which bring joy and pleasure to an otherwise stressful news cycle.”

Meanwhile, Koning sees customers diving ever deeper into their personal favorite niches, a development that Sansyl Group happily caters to.

“Our network currently contains 135-plus websites in almost all the different niches and micro-niches you can think of!” he says. “This way, every consumer can find what he likes — and there is overlap within the niches, so everybody can find more than enough content to keep them happy and coming back.”

Content Business Gameplan for 2024

With a fresh year now in full swing, what are these paysite pros planning for 2024, as far as content strategy and investing further into their own strengths?

Sarah M shares that Erotik has several collaborations in the pipeline for the coming year, partnering with renowned European studios to produce exclusive content for its platform.

“We are also planning to license and dub films for the European market in order to better serve our European customer base,” she says.

As Dorcel celebrates its 45th anniversary this year, Clouvel says, the company’s ambitions remain unwavering, with a focus on satisfying customers and sharing its content with an ever-expanding audience.

“We plan a substantial increase in our productions, simultaneously diversifying our content through innovative editorial approaches,” she says. “We consider it vital to continually question ourselves, renewing our strategies to stay ahead of the curve. That’s our secret to longevity!”

Paper Street, according to Sirrico, will continue to focus on innovation and diversification while aiming to provide quality content for its current series.

“You’ll be seeing new products from us every month,” he previews. “We can share a sneak peek into some of the upcoming new developments: This month is releasing ‘Tiger Moms,’ showcasing the best Asian MILFs in the business including CJ Miles, Christy Love, Angelina Moon, Suki Sin, Tokyo Lynn and many more. We’re solidifying our position as a global brand with productions in Europe and Latin America, continuing the path of releasing new series such as ‘The Loft,’ ‘The Hookup Pad’ and ‘AfterDark.’ Our goal is to keep growing and expanding our exclusive content as the year progresses.”

Rheault sees 2024 as a year filled with genuine promise, and is committed to deepening and expanding MetArt’s relationships with industry partners.

“We will be optimizing our sites and growing our content,” she outlines. “This means more data, more member interaction, improved productions and better brand visibility to retain our leading position as high-end erotica content producers.”

Meanwhile, Suzanne Ferrari says Full Porn Network aims to incorporate even more fetishes and genres into its diverse library of content so customers have maximum options.

“In 2024, we plan to launch new sites and improve our curated collections,” she offers. “These are specially designed playlists for a discerning porn consumer. We handpick scenes based on their desires and preferred niches and give them all the content they could possibly want, all in one place.”

Rush promises Falcon/NakedSword fans more state-of-the-art productions with top stars, adding that the brand is also looking to break more into gay erotic fiction, including digital and audio formats, an area he sees as underserved.

“We’ll be filling that void,” he vows. “Our partnership with Gay Pornstar Harem, moreover, brings our performers and storytelling into the casual gaming space, and we’re currently cementing plans to offer some cutting-edge virtual reality experiences.

“While our filmmakers and exclusive stars are gearing up for a full production schedule that includes narrative tentpole features, high-quality all-sex movies and hardcore stand-alone featurettes, our acquisitions team is curating a slate of independent gay cinema titles for NakedSword FilmWorks (NSFW), which promises to be at once relatable, artful and thought-provoking,” Rush continues. “The Falcon/NakedSword of 2024 upends any sort of traditional streaming model by making viewers part of an immersive, 360-degree experience with unparalleled access to the content, exclusive models and superstars-in-the-making that they love.”

Koning notes that Sansyl Group will continue employing the same strategy that has brought success in recent years: adding thousands of new scenes to existing sites and rolling out new products.

“Early 2024, we launched, which is a great-looking reality summer style product which we expect a lot of,” he says. “We also have some new sites in the pipeline, which unfortunately I cannot announce officially yet — but it will not take long before they are rolled out!

“The ‘old school’ Club Sweethearts scenes are still very popular amongst our members so we will continue remastering the content and bring it back to our sites and content portfolio,” he adds. “We will also keep hitting up all markets with new and exciting stuff, like you would expect from one of the oldest porn companies of Europe.”

As a services company, Kenny B emphasizes, YourPaysitePartner’s strength is in being a dependable backbone for site partners.

“We are constantly investing heavily into technology and manpower to support our partners who are on the front lines producing content,” he states.

As for Rivera, he and aim to perfect the art of MILF creampies, looking to ensure is positioned among the strongest sites of that niche.

“I put a lot of thought into that name, I think it has a nice ring to it!” he says. “ is another good series, and I plan to really build it up with a lot of DP/DAP and just good anal views for the anal connoisseurs of the world.”

With an eye on past, present and future trends, today’s paysite players are optimistic about the future prospects of content consumption.

As fans warm to the idea of paying for their porn once again, thanks in part to being accustomed to funding their favorite stars in a surging creator economy, brands with unique offerings or wide-ranging content are poised to capitalize on renewed demand.

With ease-of-use features, innovative tech and cross-sales, today’s market showcases the hottest stars against the backdrop of compelling content curated by players of every size, stripe and style.

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One of the fastest ways for creators to gain new subscribers and buyers, not to mention monetize their existing fan base, is to collaborate with other creators. The extra star power can multiply potential earnings, broaden brand reach and boost a creator’s reputation in the community.

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Bridging Generational Divides in Payment Preferences

While Baby Boomers and Gen Xers tend to be most comfortable with the traditional payment methods to which they are accustomed, like cash and credit cards, the younger cohorts — Millennials and Gen Z — have veered sharply toward digital-first payment solutions.

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Legal and Business Safety for Creators at Trade Shows

As I write this, I am preparing to attend XBIZ Miami, which reminds me of attending my first trade show 20 years ago. Since then, I have met thousands of people from all over the world who were doing business — or seeking to do business — in the adult industry.

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Adding AI to Your Company's Tech Toolbox

Artificial intelligence is all the rage. Not only is AI all over the headlines, it is also top of mind for many company leadership teams, who find themselves asking, “How can this new tool help our company?”

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