Collaboration Done Differently: Adult Time Discusses Ambassador Program

Collaboration Done Differently: Adult Time Discusses Ambassador Program

Since the launch of Adult Time in 2019, award-winning director and chief creative officer Bree Mills has actively explored collaborative opportunities with members of the performer community, seeking out talent whose values align with the company’s and who appreciate the type of content Mills creates for the multibrand platform.

“Some of these initiatives include creative production projects, running quarterly marketing campaigns and signing formal, nonexclusive talent agreements,” Mills says. “The goal has never been to restrict talent from pursuing opportunities with other companies; instead, our focus is on strengthening their relationships with our company.”

We see our ambassadors not as contracts, but as genuine collaborators and partners, inviting them onto our platform to share in the creation of something truly exceptional.

As the platform has blossomed, so has the pool of potential ambassadors with whom Mills and Adult Time are interested in working. This has led the company to move beyond the traditional contractual model and develop a more comprehensive talent loyalty program, to better reflect Adult Time’s commitment to fostering relationships and working with talent to mutually build brands.

“From our early ventures into model story projects for Pure Taboo and Girlsway, to producing feature films like the biopics of Casey Kisses and Jane Wilde, we’ve consistently pioneered creative opportunities with talent,” Mills notes. “As a creator myself, providing a platform for others to share their stories has always been a paramount goal for me. Within our core crews, I take pride in the number of performers-turned-directors that we work with and being able to offer talented individuals the chance to grow beyond their on-camera work.”

This same creative ethos has guided Adult Time’s approach to its first group of ambassadors. Lauren Phillips, the first signed Adult Time ambassador, joined Mills to create the “Switch” series, which has received multiple award nominations, while Siri Dahl collaborated closely on a quarterly ambassador campaign, actively contributing to it with the Adult Time team.

“Working closely with these two original full-time ambassadors laid the groundwork for understanding the mutually beneficial aspects of such relationships,” Mills notes. “They also expressed appreciation for the opportunity to address questions from other talent about Adult Time and actively participate in our awareness campaigns on various industry issues.”

The agreements with these ambassadors included a set number of “reservation” days, allowing Adult Time to book them across diverse series and crews. This not only helped with added fan interest in the platform, but also piqued the curiosity of other performers, with whom Mills has since been working steadily on both production and marketing projects.

“This was the milestone that sparked the idea to evolve ambassadorship into a program that recognizes and rewards those who have ascended through the ranks of our talent management pipeline,” Mills explains.

As far as the specific benefits that ambassadors receive, Mills notes that Adult Time customizes each ambassador relationship to suit the individual and their brand.

“As we move into 2024, our goal is to transition into a contract-free, no-obligation, invite-only loyalty program to further enhance this collaborative spirit,” she shares. “The emphasis is on maintaining a sustainable volume that doesn’t overwhelm or limit opportunities for the ambassador.

“Our brand is renowned for creative production projects, and we take pride in offering ambassadors direct access to our sales, marketing and production teams,” Mills adds. “This direct connection allows them to contribute to ongoing initiatives and serve as consultants within our business. This is crucial to the program, emphasizing mutual respect and the collective benefits of sharing ideas and experiences.”

In return, ambassadors demonstrate their loyalty and engagement by actively promoting their work with the company, participating in campaigns and seamlessly integrating into the Adult Time team. This includes repping the brand at events and on sets, serving as an extension of brand values, reinforcing the reciprocal nature of the partnership and helping recruit other performers to join the program as well.

The brand ambassadors themselves are no less enthusiastic about the arrangement than Mills is. Phillips, for example, is quite clear on her feelings about the program and how it has benefited her.

“I love Adult Time and the ambassadorship,” she says. “Especially working on ‘Switch,’ because I love exploring my BDSM side, expanding my acting skills and taking on the physical and mental challenges that come with it. Adult Time is my family and I’m hoping to grow with them. They don’t know it yet, but I already have a 10-year plan in my mind! I hope they enjoy me as much as I enjoy them.”

Dahl is similarly positive about the projects she has collaborated on with Adult Time since becoming an ambassador.

“For me, there are three that really take the cake,” she confides. “First, my upcoming ‘Oopsie!’ collaboration, ‘Skate Squad,’ with Emma Magnolia and Austin Spears, is a bright, queer, thick-thighed dream come true! Second, I had the most fun ever on set playing a mad scientist for the Transfixed feature ‘D.O.L.L.s.’ And finally, Codi Vore and I got to enjoy each other’s huge dicks in our upcoming ‘My First Futa Experience’ scene.”

Dahl's fellow ambassador Leana Lovings says she was eager to represent Adult Time because she knew it would make a great match with her own brand, and that it worked out even better than expected.

“My personal brand is the story of self-exploration, and a healthy pursuit of my sexuality,” Lovings explains. “Adult Time stands for consensual, creative sex with healthy cues that people can learn from in their own personal lives.

“Plus, they’re amazing at sharing a story!” she adds. “I’ve loved the ‘We Like Girls’ series, participating with Scarlett Sage in an interview and then having a session on how we would have sex together, intimately and openly. Another fun video was for Bree Mills’ personal concept, the ‘Up Close’ series. She always makes extremely astute casting decisions and it makes for thrilling end products. She also has an astounding ability to explore sexual themes that don’t always get the healthiest of representations.

“That’s why I’m here for the ride!” Lovings declares. “I’m grateful to contribute to everything 2024 has in store. That starts with the ‘Consent Is Sexy’ campaign, and directing my own project — with Bree’s guidance — focused on sensual healing and loving sex. Brandwise, everything fits like a glove.”

New ambassador Lexi Luna says she couldn’t be more eager to co-create with Bree Mills and the Adult Time team, and forge a brand-building relationship with the platform.

“Collaborating with Adult Time is the most exciting news I could ever share!” she gushes. “I’ve spent a long time building my brand and collecting the most loyal fans, and now I am excited to have reached the point in my career where I get to build my dream showcase to thank them for their loyalty. Working closely with Adult Time brands this past year, especially on ‘Up Close,’ has been a pleasure, so when Bree approached me for this feature, I was over the moon.

“Without revealing too many details, I want to state that I’ll be showing love to multiple categories of fans,” Luna teases. “Whether you like me as a MILF, a sexual vixen, a loving partner or ‘the gentleman’s porn star,’ there will be a scene guaranteed to satisfy your carnal desires.”

With several ambassadors now participating in the evolving program, Mills hopes to continue steadily strengthening the company’s talent pipeline.

“While I won’t specify an exact number, expanding the roster is a definite goal for the upcoming year!” Mills reveals. “Thanks to our broad outreach, we can consistently secure bookings for both new and returning talent each month. We identify individuals who not only enjoy working with us but also excel on our platform based on audience metrics — performers who are actively engaged in and delivering results for our sponsored posts, paid marketing campaigns and industry advocacy efforts. Those are the candidates we want to invite to this program.”

Even as it grows, Mills notes, the program continues to evolve, shaped and reshaped by open communication with the ambassadors. In fact, the inspiration to transform ambassadorships into a loyalty program originated with feedback from the existing roster, notably Dahl.

“After I shared my ideas for expanding, Siri introduced me to the Twitch Partnership Program as a mainstream model for how the program could take on more ambassadors,” Mills recalls.

The popular Twitch platform rewards creators who demonstrate consistent viewership and streaming with Twitch Affiliate status, then Twitch Partner status as they level up, conferring additional perks and ways to monetize followings. Mills says that when she pitched the approach to Lovings and Luna, their enthusiastic response helped her commit to the new direction.

Mills also credits Phillips for helping make the program what it is today.

“I’m so grateful to Lauren for her consistent communication and feedback over the years and steadfast representation of Adult Time,” Mills says. “Her input and participation initially gave me the hope that such a program could thrive in our industry. I am excited about the prospect of evolving the ambassadorship program with all of them by our side in the years to come!”

For Mills, the program also represents something else important: solidarity in the face of both external discrimination and the daily challenges of working within the industry. The community’s greatest strength, she affirms, lies in supporting one another.

“Creator brands and studios don’t merely coexist,” Mills offers. “They can thrive in an atmosphere of mutual respect and collaboration. “From its inception, Adult Time’s vision has been to redefine the adult entertainment landscape, presenting a platform where we can approach adult content differently. The ambassador program embodies this vision, offering a distinctive approach that goes beyond industry norms.

“We see our ambassadors not as contracts, but as genuine collaborators and partners, inviting them onto our platform to share in the creation of something truly exceptional,” she concludes. “Our commitment extends to providing these opportunities to as many deserving performers as possible, while ensuring that the experience remains both manageable and enjoyable for all. That’s porn done differently.”


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