Selling Tactile Stimulation With Textured Toys

Selling Tactile Stimulation With Textured Toys

Tactile stimulation plays a pivotal role in elevating intimate encounters. As consumers recognize and explore the link between diverse, expansive sensory engagement and enhanced pleasure, we are seeing a shift toward products that go beyond basic functionality. Aware of the complex nature of pleasure, increasingly savvy consumers on the lookout for a wider variety of options and varied personalized experiences are embracing textured toys for their ability to offer a wide range of tactile stimulation and creative new possibilities for intimate fulfillment.

Let’s explore how adult retail stores can best cater to this demand, satisfying customers who have already been won over by the artistry and innovation behind these intimate companions, while also introducing curious new shoppers to how textured toys can elevate sensory engagement and redefine the boundaries of pleasure.

Textured toys have the potential to help redefine pleasure and pave the way for a more inclusive, diverse and sensorially captivating industry.

Show Them What You’ve Got, Find Out What They Want

The varied landscape of adult toys caters to a broad spectrum of sensory preferences, so as a retailer, you want to offer a range of textured toys that resonate with the myriad ways individuals seek to enrich their intimate moments. From silky smoothness to tantalizing textures that add an extra layer of excitement, different textures and materials will provide different and unique sensations. Here are some ideas that will help create a more engaging and educational shopping experience by highlighting the various textures that your store has to offer.

Dedicated Texture Display: Designate an area within the store specifically for showcasing textured products, with conspicuous signage and eye-catching displays. Include a comprehensive visual guide or chart to illuminate the diverse array of textures and materials in your range of intimate products and provide customers with a nuanced understanding of the tactile sensations and unique characteristics associated with each. Weaving descriptors such as “smooth,” “ribbed” and “silky” into this visual narrative will help customers navigate the varied landscape of textures.

Interactive Product Samples: Entice customers to run their fingers over the various surfaces and textures and experience the variety of tactile sensations these products offer, by incorporating display models that embody the diverse textures available. To ensure hygiene and freshness, be sure to clean and replace floor samples regularly!

Themed Displays: Orchestrate themed displays that showcase specific textures or materials. For instance, envision a “Sensual Silk” display featuring a curated ensemble of products distinguished by their exquisitely silky textures, creating a visual and tactile narrative of luxury and indulgence. Rotate themed displays to ensure that the shopping experience remains dynamic and engaging. The ever-changing scenery not only piques curiosity, but also encourages repeat visits as customers anticipate discovering new and exciting textures during each store visit.

Bundles: Creating bundles of different textures is an excellent way to offer customers a curated and varied selection of products. Bundles not only cater to different texture preferences but also provide customers with a convenient way to explore a range of products that complement one another. Consider offering these bundles at a discounted price compared to purchasing each item individually, encouraging customers to indulge in a more comprehensive textured experience.

Educational Workshops: Elevate the shopping experience from a simple transaction to an immersive journey with captivating workshops or events unraveling the intricacies of different textured intimate products. Enlist the expertise of product specialists, industry professionals or brand representatives who can guide attendees through an exploration of materials, manufacturing processes and the distinct sensations each texture elicits. Encourage attendees to ask questions, making the workshops an interactive forum where customers gain deeper understanding of the craftsmanship behind the products, forging a deeper connection with their purchases while fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

Invite Feedback: Educational sessions can also function as a “feedback zone” where customers can share their insights and articulate their preferences and feelings about the various textures in your intimate product range. Being encouraged to share personal experiences transforms the act of shopping into a dialogue wherein customers become active participants in shaping the offerings of the store. Whether during educational sessions or at any point in the shopping experience, customer feedback serves as a wellspring of knowledge, offering a deep understanding of what resonates with your clientele and enabling you to curate a more tailored and personalized shopping experience.

I encourage you to delve into the realm of textured toys and follow these tips as you incorporate these innovative products into your current offerings. Don’t be intimidated by texture! Textured toys have the potential to help redefine pleasure and pave the way for a more inclusive, diverse and sensorially captivating industry.

Known as the Queen of Wands, Carly S. is a pleasure educator, author of the blog “Dildo or Dildon’t” and a self-described bad bitch from the Bronx. Find her on social media @Makeupandsin. She is the product manager for Spectrum Boutique, social media manager for Nasstoys and provides freelance social media and consulting services.

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