Combining Pleasure Biz Marketing Tactics Into a Strategy for Growth

Combining Pleasure Biz Marketing Tactics Into a Strategy for Growth

"New year, new you” isn’t just a personal mantra. It’s a game changer for businesses too. With the holiday season behind us, now is the perfect moment to dust away the cobwebs of lingering routine, toss out the empty coffee cups and gather ’round for a digital marketing powwow. The mission? Strategic planning, a fresh outlook on marketing, a complete makeover across various channels — and hopefully an even bigger and more successful 2024. Let’s talk tactics.

Email Marketing

Stuck in an email rut? We get it. You’ve got a format and hey, at least the emails are going out, right?

Stuck in an email rut? We get it. You’ve got a format and hey, at least the emails are going out, right? But there’s a world of untapped potential out there.

For a start, sign up for your competitors’ newsletters and spy on them a bit. See how they craft their email subject lines, structure their content and entice clicks. This can help you spot emerging trends you might be missing, and stay one step ahead. Whether it’s a new design approach or an innovative call to action, this mildly sneaky espionage tactic keeps you in the loop.

Also be sure to make use of the valuable data you already have at your disposal. You have real customer insights showing what people are clicking on and how long they’re spending on sections that you thought were email gold, but that actually get clicked less than three times a month!

How about those silent profiles, the window shoppers who haven’t interacted with your brand in months? It’s time to make them an offer they can’t refuse. Craft a campaign loaded with social proof — like reviews and testimonials — to nudge them toward conversion. If that’s not enough, launch a mini survey. Ask them what they want, sweeten the deal with a prize and watch the insights roll in. And let’s not forget our cherished “VIPs.” It’s high time we showered them with some affection too.

Content Management: Hitting “Refresh”

Content isn’t always about selling a product or service; it’s also about telling a story that resonates with your audience. Yet in the rush of daily operations, it’s easy to lose sight of the original “why” that sparked your brand’s journey.

Enter strategic content management, a deliberate effort to reinvigorate your brand storytelling. Effective content management involves creating relevant, engaging and valuable content that aligns with your audience’s interests and needs. It is about consistently delivering quality content across all platforms, ensuring that your brand’s message is clear, coherent and compelling.

When was the last time you gathered around the table with your team to share insights and ideas? Booking a collaborative ideation session and aligning your collective understanding of the brand’s voice can breathe new life into your content strategy. Analyze past campaigns, customer interactions and the evolution of your brand.

This not only reignites the spark but also provides a road map showing where your brand has been and where it’s headed. It’s also an opportune moment to delve into researching trending and top-ranking keywords, ensuring your content stays on point — a crucial strategy if you want to avoid falling behind.

Upsell and Cross-Sell

Not every product sells itself — in fact, most don’t — so let’s talk about upselling and cross-selling. These are strategies that can seriously amp up the customer experience, not to mention boost your bottom line.

It’s all about suggesting products that go hand in hand with, or maybe represent a step up from, whatever your customer is into. Why not subtly drop in those recommendations during the checkout process or through popups, gently guiding customers toward options that make sense for them.

It’s not just about the sale; it’s about building a connection. You’re tossing in choices that truly add value to what they’re buying. Once you’re doing this, or if you’re already doing this, be sure to evaluate your upsells. Are they hitting the sweet spot? Dive into your data, see what items usually make a joint appearance in your customers’ carts. It’s like your sales data telling you a little secret. Cool, right?

Decode Success

A lot of what I’m throwing out there really hinges on good old data and analytics. They’re the backbone of smart decision-making, giving you the lowdown needed to make choices that actually make sense. Dive into the numbers, and you’ll see the beauty of it. Tap into data from different corners: how customers interact, what your website traffic is up to and how your campaigns are playing out.

This info isn’t just nice to have; it’s gold for fine-tuning your grand strategy. You want each cog of the marketing machine working at peak efficiency, right? Well, that’s where your data comes in. It’s like having a trusty guide telling you, “Hey, this is working. Stick with it,” or, “Maybe tweak that part a bit.”

Nor is this a one-time intervention. Keep your eyes on the data, let it inform an ongoing conversation about your strategy, and you won’t just be making informed decisions; you’ll be making smart, adaptive moves that keep your game on point.

By bringing these various concepts and approaches into play in a coordinated way, you won’t just be employing various strategies or throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. You’ll be crafting a marketing symphony in which all the instruments harmonize to rouse your audience, bring them to their feet — and inspire them to reach for their wallets.

Lauren Bailey is the client account manager at Sciart Marketing, a U.K.-based data marketing agency that helps brands navigate and deliver improved business outcomes across various marketing channels.


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