How Retailers Can Stand Out With Digital Signage

How Retailers Can Stand Out With Digital Signage

In the digital age, every pixel counts. That’s especially true in adult retail marketing. If you’re not leveraging every possible tool to your advantage, you’re missingn out on attracting more customers. One particular tool, digital signage, can serve as silent salesperson, inventory mover — and revenue rocket! Once seen as an expensive and complex tech gimmick, digital signage has gone mainstream. Let’s break down how it can take your store to the next level, and utilizing it “as a service” is the smartest move you can make.

Your Sales Team’s MVP

It’s like having a relentless wingman who’s always there, always hyping up your products with the best pitch possible.

Your sales team is fantastic, but they can’t be everywhere at once. Digital signage, however, works 24/7, ensuring customers get the info they need to make that purchase. Imagine this: A customer walks into your store, and while they’re browsing, a digital screen showcases a bestselling product in action, perhaps with a tutorial or a glowing review. There is even a QR code they can scan to see more “intimate” ratings and reviews, and add the item to their basket, either to buy now or later. This is the selling scenario digital signage makes possible. It’s like having a relentless wingman who’s always there, always hyping up your products with the best pitch possible.

Flash Sales and Real-Time Hustle

With digital signage, you can hustle in real time. Overstocked on a particular item? Flash-sale it! Spotted a trend on X or Instagram? Shout it out on an endcap! Hot, high-margin merch just hit? Feature it front and center! The ability to adapt on the fly means you’re always ahead, always ready to capitalize on the next big thing.

Upselling: The Art of the Deal

Digital signage can boost the potential of every sale. It can be programmed to suggest complementary products, driving up your average transaction value. It’s like that perfect wine pairing at a fancy restaurant, but for your adult novelty products. More suggestions equals more sales equals more revenue. It’s simple math.

Interactive Experiences for a Bigger Bang

A personalized shopping experience isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity. But let’s face it: adult stores can be intimidating for some customers. Digital signage can bridge that gap by offering interactive quizzes or guides, so customers can self-help and find the perfect product tailored for their needs. When customers feel seen and understood, they don’t just buy — they buy in bulk and return regularly.

Social Proof: The Currency of Trust

Social reviews and peer recommendations play a critical role in influencing customer decisions, and this plays out big time in adult stores. Use this to your in-store advantage by showcasing real customer reviews, unboxing videos or user-generated content on your digital screens. When potential buyers see real people raving about featured products, they’re more likely to trust the message... and trust translates to sales.

Educate to Dominate

The world of pleasure products is vast. Use digital signage to educate customers about different products, their uses, and what makes them unique and compelling. Take it to the next level and help them compare and contrast, either on a digital display or on their phone. The more informed a customer is, the more confident they are in parting with their cash. Knowledge isn’t just power; it’s profit.

Real-Time Promos With Zero Print Costs

Promotions are typically planned well in advance so that point-of-sale materials can be budgeted for, printed and put up according to schedule. But sometimes you may not have time to plan, or you may want to make changes or get a new display up on short notice. That's not possible with print materials, but most digital signage systems now come with intuitive interfaces, drag-and-drop features and even pre-designed templates tailored to various industries, including adult. Some offer integrations with Canva so that you can create gorgeous, customized content and get it on the floor in mere minutes.

Real-Time Price Promotions at Shelf

With digital shelf tags, you can change the price on a product or line of products in an instant, across all stores. For instance, you can cut prices for a big weekend sale, then revert back in a flash on Monday. They also catch the eye with ease, so you can feature a price or promo at the shelf when you want to snag some extra attention. The advantages of this technology are easy to see, but when it first came out, the installation, hardware and maintenance costs were often prohibitive, limiting potential ROI. However, prices have since come down quite a bit — and the technology has improved. It no longer requires cabling or power at the shelf, and long-lasting, battery-powered, Wi-Fi-enabled options are changing the game. They are definitely something to look into, especially if you have multiple stores!

Partner With Distributors and Manufacturers

Many manufacturers and distributors already have professionally created content that you can use on your digital signs, such as product promotions, introductions to new product lines, explainer videos and demonstration videos. For retailers with a built-out digital signage infrastructure, campaigns promoting new products or lines are easily assessed for ROI, and many manufacturers are happy to financially support in-store campaigns of this kind.

Digital Signage as a Service: The Game Changer You May Have Overlooked

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room. “Digital signage sounds great, Sean, but what’s the cost?” Here’s where the magic happens. Digital signage is now available “as a service.” This makes it a turnkey solution at a low monthly cost. No massive upfront investment, no maintenance headaches — just a simple, scalable service tailored to your needs.

Think of it as the Netflix of the retail world. Instead of buying every movie — or in this case, every piece of hardware and software — you subscribe to a service that gives you access to everything you need. Regular updates? Check. Maintenance? Covered. The latest features and integrations? Included. And the best part? This service pays for itself in spades. With the increase in sales, upsells and customer retention that digital signage brings, that monthly fee becomes a rounding error. Couple that with distributor and manufacturer financial support of campaigns and it becomes an investment in your brand, your customers and your future. That’s a bargain you can’t ignore.

Seal the Deal

In the grand scheme of things, the retail landscape is shifting. Brick-and-mortar stores face fierce competition from online giants. However, tools like digital signage, especially when available as a service, can help physical stores level the playing field.

If you’re in the adult retail game and not capitalizing on digital signage, you’re missing out on a potential goldmine. So don’t wait! Dive into the world of digital signage, empower your salespeople, move that inventory and watch your revenue soar.

Sean Quinn is the CEO of All Point Retail, a retail technology company that offers managed retail commerce to retail businesses. He is a true veteran, both literally and figuratively. Bolstered by years of military experience in a variety of positions and commands, his strategic intelligence background laid the foundation for his passion for business intelligence through technology — especially in the retail arena.


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