Chrissy LeBlanc Rocks Passionate Content With Cosplaying Flair

Chrissy LeBlanc Rocks Passionate Content With Cosplaying Flair

Growing up, Chrissy LeBlanc was always creative and artistic — something she attributes heavily to the influence of her grandmother, who loved to do crafts of all kinds and was a skilled baker. LeBlanc spent many weekends at her grandma’s house playing board games, baking treats, coloring, crafting and reading. Her mother also encouraged her to pursue a diverse array of activities, including gymnastics, soccer, playing multiple musical instruments, cheerleading, drama and musical theater.

Given her eclectic interests, LeBlanc often felt like she was not truly part of any one group. Looking back, however, she now appreciates the variety of perspectives and experiences she got from hanging out with so many different crowds.

Being authentic is easy when you’re doing it all yourself

Throughout her youth, LeBlanc’s family also moved frequently, including from the Washington, D.C. area to Australia for a year and then to California for a year. She remembers those as invaluable experiences, but also felt drastic culture shock.

Convinced that she was going to be an interior designer, LeBlanc applied to a small college in South Carolina, which accepted her directly into its art program as a freshman. She enjoyed a semester of art classes before deciding a safer career path could be found by majoring in business with a concentration in marketing. After graduating, she joined the corporate workforce. Starting out in a call center, she worked her way up to supervising over 25 people, but she never felt fulfilled.

It was there that LeBlanc met her current husband, aka Sir. She recalls that he was the “cute, funny guy at work” who excelled in making her laugh. She invited him for a drink at the local bar and they quickly became completely infatuated with each other.

The couple had amazing sex, LeBlanc says, exploring D/s roles and other BDSM kinks. Watching porn together, they poked fun at fake orgasms and joked that the sex they had together would be much better to watch. As they explored their sexuality together, she opened up about her bisexual history and they talked about their shared interest in playing with other women.

While searching for threesome or group porn to watch, they almost never found scenes exploring their dream dynamic: a harem. This sparked the idea of producing it themselves. At first, it was just a silly daydream, but soon they began to think about it practically. Finding local girls who were also interested made it seem all the more possible.

Attending an adult expo in 2015 as fans, the encouragement they received from all the talent they talked to was the final push they needed. LeBlanc applied for a loan to carry their startup costs and put in her two-week notice as soon as the loan was approved. On her last day at the office, she left a stack of business cards with her new stage name on her desk and started camming to bring in some income, while self-funding scenes with local talent.

Though she has changed platforms a few times over the years, she has not stopped camming since and is now a regular fixture at trade shows. As our featured creator for December, LeBlanc opens up about her journey so far and her aspirations for the future.

XBIZ: How have you evolved most as a cam model and content creator?

LeBlanc: I see the biggest changes in both my mental health and the control I now feel in being able to make the content I enjoy. Camming has taken me on an emotional roller coaster ride over the last eight years. After camming full-time on Chaturbate for about two years, I started feeling this unending pressure to keep doing bigger, better and more impressive shows. Fans were always asking, “Wow, what’s next!?” which I took as pressure to constantly do more.

My depression symptoms got worse and I started avoiding work. Streamate approached me with an opportunity, which ended up pulling me over to their site completely for a few years. The change to premium shows let me focus on the happiness of one client instead of trying to please everybody, and also gave me a lot more schedule flexibility. It was just what I needed at the time.

After a few years there, I got burned out on constantly focusing on someone else’s pleasure instead of my own. I also missed the couple and group show dynamic, which didn’t work as well on a private site. So I am now back to a freemium platform as an ePlay Key Club member along with Sir. I still plan my special shows, but I don’t feel the pressure to one-up myself every day.

I now feel much more comfortable sharing my true self and doing what makes me happy, whether in lingerie or a onesie, video gaming or squirting all over the floor. I can genuinely choose what I want to do on cam for the day, which is amazing, and I am grateful for it! My fans love me for it too.

XBIZ: Tell us about your tech in terms of camera, hardware, editing, lighting, etc. What’s your setup like where you work your magic?

LeBlanc: I have a craft room where I do most of my shows — and crafting! To film/stream, I use my ROG gaming laptop, sometimes my Samsung Galaxy phone, Logitech Brio, Blue Yeti mic and a variety of box and ring lights. I have a rolling desk that I can take into any room in the house depending on the type of stream I want to do that day: shower shows, naked baking, gaming, etc. Over the years, I’ve also acquired a green screen, photo backdrops and a huge collection of sex toys, including a Motorbunny, that all play into my shows.

XBIZ: Discuss your passion for cosplaying. What genres or series do you and your fans most enjoy? What goes into putting together looks?

LeBlanc: When I was a kid, my dress-up box was my favorite thing and my mom made my Halloween costume for me every year. As soon as I got old enough to be able to make them myself, I took over. When I was in college, I embraced every opportunity to dress up for the themed parties my sorority threw, hosted themed keg races at my house for my birthday and was voted “most likely to have a themed wedding.” It used to be contained to the Halloween season, but as cosplay became more mainstream, I brought the costumes out more and more outside of that.

In my adult industry career, I started with the classic redheads: Jessica Rabbit, Poison Ivy and Black Widow. Those just seemed obvious to me as they are all characters that ooze sex appeal. I am drawn to the more sensual and dark characters, love to play with horror elements and I like to put a unique spin on things, like with my Harley O’Quinn original character for St. Patrick’s Day or Burlesque-inspired glam Jason looks. Some characters, like Black Widow, are pretty simple closet cosplays, and others have taken me over 30 hours of work, but I always find some way to make it “mine.”

XBIZ: When it comes to marketing, how do you approach being authentic, promoting your revenue streams and keeping fans engaged overall?

LeBlanc: Being authentic is easy when you’re doing it all yourself. Other than an editor for my video clips, I still do just about everything myself. I do plan on getting an assistant to start helping me so I can put out more content than I can manage on my own, but I haven’t found the right person to trust in that role yet.

I keep my fans engaged by constantly changing my streams and often choose what I do on stream the morning of. What am I in the mood for? How much energy do I have? What can my body handle today? That’s how I choose whether I play video games, stream from the shower or bathroom while I get ready, work on a project in the craft room or share BTS filming content. But no matter what, I always have some sort of activity I’m doing. I keep my fans on their toes and make them not want to miss a single show.

XBIZ: Discuss work/life balance and how you stay in flow.

LeBlanc: Being the mother of a two-year-old has actually forced me into a strict work/life balance due to my schedule. She wakes me up early and we get to hang out for about two hours together until daycare drop-off. My brain switches into work mode in the car ride home and my countdown clock starts for me to complete as much as I can before 5 p.m., when I turn off everything, clean up after my stream and either go pick her up or start dinner. The rest of the night is family time and I’m usually starting to nod off around her bedtime of 9 p.m. My previous night-owl self would be shocked! I used to work constantly, never fully shutting off, but now I have to in order to stay present and engaged. My restricted schedule helps me be more productive during my work hours because I don’t have time to procrastinate anymore.

I know that there’s a lot more that I could be doing to market myself and grow my brand, but to be quite honest, I would rather enjoy my life than stress and hustle harder. Weekends are now dedicated to family time instead of more work hours for me. I enjoy the freedom that my job gives me and take advantage of it!

XBIZ: What kinds of chat goals, banter and unique activities happen on your streams?

LeBlanc: I’m a squirter, so that is a common goal no matter what activity I’m doing. I typically have my tip vibe in, whether I’m video gaming, baking or working on a cosplay. I usually set strip goals, cum goals and a fun stretch goal like using one of my more unique sex toys. One of my more popular tip menu items is a mini JOI countdown, where I give the tipper some personalized dirty talk. I have a huge closet and heel collection, so I get requests for outfit changes and heels on a regular basis. I host girl-girl streams with my girlfriends as often as possible and fans love it when I pull Sir in for a surprise BJ.

XBIZ: If you had to summarize the Chrissy LeBlanc brand in a nutshell, given your personality, vibe and style, what would it be?

LeBlanc: Smut with a smile! I constantly have a smile on my face when I’m streaming and it’s my goal to improve someone’s day through their interaction with me. I’m a people-pleaser to the extent that it literally turns me on to make others happy, so naturally I’m a submissive. I only put on my fem-domme hat when I feel confident that I’m giving my partner or client exactly what they want. I am kind, patient and try to educate when I can. From the beginning, we have fostered a chat room and fan base that is nonjudgmental and kind to others. I don’t tolerate bullying others for their kinks and questions. I am genuinely curious about what turns other people on, so I love to ask my own questions when fans are willing.

When it comes to my content, I try to keep it as real and authentic as possible with as few pauses as possible. I hate overacting and fake orgasms in porn, so I don’t want it in my own content. I only collaborate with people I’m genuinely attracted to, knowing the chemistry is already there. I want my fans to feel the electricity in the air!

XBIZ: Any long-term ambitions for the coming year?

LeBlanc: There are a couple of brands on my bucket list that I would still love to work with in some way. Playboy is one in particular. I would like to submit my work to more cosplay publications as well. I am always working on new cosplays, but I have a few larger projects I’m starting soon. One is a DC villain gown that I expect will take me 30-plus hours to complete. Collaborations with other artists are my favorite, so I have some girl/girl cosplay shoots on my calendar already and I would like to team up with some new faces this year too. On a more personal note, I’m hoping to finally get some more tattoos this year and get my boobs done again. I’m also prepping to move away from Las Vegas to be closer to family.


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