Ghostie Ghoo Channels Goth Gamer Ghoul Flair

Ghostie Ghoo Channels Goth Gamer Ghoul Flair

Experiencing a contentious home life while growing up prompted GhostieGhoo to leave home at a young age. Even though she ended up spending her final year of high school living out of her car, she still managed to apply herself and continue on to art school, where she graduated with a bachelor’s in video production.

For nearly a decade, she became heavily involved in the arts and live entertainment, specializing in makeup and special effects. She worked full-time for the mainstream film business, as well as for circuses, before the pandemic halted much of the entertainment industry.

My videos are a combination of solo and partnered content with my creator friends and my real-world romantic partners.

She had always had some interest in the X-rated side of entertainment, but never prioritized it — until the need to adapt to the pandemic environment pushed her out of her comfort zone enough to take the plunge and pursue adult content creation. Still, she was never one to approach a new venture without a plan, so she spent several months DoorDashing to make ends meet while researching the sudden boom in the adult creator space.

Having been involved in her local BDSM community for years, she brought her mastery of domination, along with her makeup and production skills, to bear upon a newfound career in adult. After wading through the waters of various genres and trying out different platforms to determine what works best for her brand, she is now ramping up her presence on Fansly, where she offers direct messaging, as well as on Twitch for SFW gaming, ePlay for NSFW gamer streams and SextPanther for video and audio calls.

As our featured cam star for December, GhostieGhoo reveals her approach to streaming and content, as well as her dreams for the future.

XBIZ: What is the GhostieGhoo brand in a nutshell, as far as overall vibe, aesthetic and content style?

GhostieGhoo: I’m a cutesy, goth gamer ghoul with a dominant side. When I first started streaming, I spent months developing a persona completely different from my actual self, to help separate me from my work persona… which I then proceeded to abandon right after my very first stream!

I realized pretty much immediately that I was too dominant and alternative to play the soft, “daddy’s girl next-door” character I had created, and opted to present myself more authentically: as a sweet but spicy nerdy goth ghoul who’s not afraid to put an ornery man in his place. Since domination and fetish were interests of mine prior to joining the industry, I chose to focus on those avenues.

My videos are a combination of solo and partnered content with my creator friends and my real-world romantic partners. I enjoy incorporating a fun mix of fetish, domination, horror, gaming and cosplay into both my on-demand video content on my fan site and my streams.

XBIZ: How would you describe your fan base in terms of their likes and personalities? What are your most loyal fans like?

GhostieGhoo: Since I began my streaming career presenting heavily as a domme and a fetish creator, my overall fan base consists largely of fetish enthusiasts and “so-called” submissives. I lovingly say “so-called” because despite claiming to be submissive types, they sure do seem to love to gang up and bully me on stream! It’s all in good fun, of course, yet in one breath they will claim to be sweet and well-behaved, and then the next they are cum-denying me for a week at a time while tipping my vibrator on full blast.

In regard to fetishes, I get a lot of folks who enjoy edging, the above-mentioned cum denial — to my absolute dismay! — bondage, strap-ons and boot worship. One of the most amazing things to me is that my most loyal fans are longtime contributors who have been with me since my first week of streaming. I’m grateful to them for sticking with me as I’ve continued to grow and evolve as a creator.

XBIZ: Talk about how you encourage a sense of community for your followers.

GhostieGhoo: One of the biggest ways is by maintaining a free Discord server. This allows for my fan base to continue the chatroom-style conversation with both myself and each other, even when I am offline. This also gives me the opportunity to have a direct means of engaging with my most active followers without having to fight against social media algorithm interference for important notices about my livestreams and promotions. Over time, we’ve developed inside jokes, memes and a general rapport both between my clients and myself, and with the broader community.

XBIZ: Discuss your gaming streams and your favorite games.

GhostieGhoo: Even in my off time I am a hardcore gamer, and super competitive. I like to play horror survival, high-skill, adrenaline-inducing games. My current favorites are “Dead by Daylight,” “Phasmophobia” and “Ark: Survival Ascended.” On my adult streams, I like to mix gaming and sex together for a fun and engaging combination for both myself and my viewers.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a short attention span, and need something to help keep me entertained in order to be entertaining in return. I used to find myself having a hard time staying focused and engaged during my more typical “Just Chatting” streams when the action and conversation would inevitably lull between the moments of excitement.

Playing adrenaline-inducing games and encouraging my viewers to tip to “throw off my game” helps keep me mentally and physically stimulated enough to keep having fun even when the room gets slow. I love using the Lovense interactive toys to encourage my viewers to try to distract me and make me have to get extra sweaty to play well. I hope at some point to invest in some more extreme equipment, like a MotorBunny, for future shows.

XBIZ: How have you evolved, personally and professionally, since becoming a creator?

GhostieGhoo: I’ve had to rapidly learn how to improve at setting boundaries, both with myself and with my clients. This continuous process helps me grow as both a person and a dominant. Finding the healthy balance of what I need to see my business grow versus what I need to protect myself both mentally and physically can be overwhelming.

On the more fun side of things, creating content for a living has given me ample opportunity to test the bounds of my sexuality to the limit, and learn to become even more confident in my body and what I like. I love researching fun, new things to try, and ways to improve my streams and video content. I’ve been able to find independence and freedom away from the structured working environments I’ve been in prior, allowing me to create a lifestyle for myself that benefits me both as a person, and as a business owner.

XBIZ: Describe your main social media strategy for engaging fans and promoting content.

GhostieGhoo: My growth thus far has been due to a combination of consistent posting and engaging with my fans and with fellow creators whom I admire, while continuously working to streamline the pathway between my free and paid platforms. I used to be on everything, all the time, all at once. When I started, I made accounts on every platform available that I might potentially wind up using.

Unsurprisingly, trying to manage consistency and constant communication on everything became overwhelming and eventually led to burnout and anxiety. I regrouped and reoriented my strategy to focus on simplicity. All my free platforms and streams route one way or another back to my Fansly and Onlyfans profiles. I direct all my DMing and sales traffic back to those fan sites from my social media platforms, so I can keep track of custom orders and communications all in one place.

XBIZ: How do you balance work with life, taking care of health and wellness?

GhostieGhoo: This is honestly one of the biggest areas of growth for me as a creator at this moment. I only started in February of 2022, so I’m still relatively new to the industry and have a lot of work to do going forward. Learning to set and keep a healthy schedule for myself, so that I don’t overwork myself or get overwhelmed, is often one of my biggest hurdles.

It’s easy to get lost trying to navigate the delicate balance of what is best for my business and what is best for my mental health and well-being. I’ve changed up my schedule to better accommodate time I need to spend with my loved ones, versus constantly working. For my physical health, I love to spend time stretching to train my flexibility, and I go on walks or hikes when the weather allows.

XBIZ: What are your goals for the coming year? How about long-term?

GhostieGhoo: I am in the process of transitioning my main fan site from OnlyFans to Fansly, and hope to grow my presence on that platform in the coming year. I hope within the coming year, I can get myself into a stable, maintainable pattern that allows me to make ample time for my loved ones and my business, while still being able to live comfortably.

In the long term, I hope to be able to create fun, elaborate cosplay and nerdy content for a loyal audience. I want to be able to fund more “fun” cinematic video projects that will bring me joy to make, rather than just focusing on their profitability. While financial success would be nice, I hope even more to achieve a balance of being able to support myself and my loved ones while pursuing fun passion projects that make me happy to work on.


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