Q&A: BongaCams Unfurls Expansive International Ambitions

Q&A: BongaCams Unfurls Expansive International Ambitions

For more than a decade, BongaCams has served as a streaming destination for thousands of cam models and their fans. Offering a public window into the sensual lives of creators in token-fueled chatrooms — before they whisk tippers away into more lucrative private one-on-one sessions — the international brand has garnered numerous industry accolades.

Today, BongaCams continues to build momentum with frequent promotional campaigns, a highly visible presence at industry events with ambassadors garbed in the distinctive reddish hues and calligraphic logo, and a robust affiliate program with a range of payout options and marketing tools. By continually upgrading the underlying technology and features available to both models and fans, the company aims to innovate in the streaming space and expand its reach globally.

We believe that offering an opportunity to not only have a high income, but to have a safe and supported environment to stream, is the key to recruiting models.

In this profile, the BongaCams team opens up about their business philosophy, their goals and how they strive to remain competitive in an active creator economy.

XBIZ: Discuss the biggest milestones BongaCams has achieved since it was founded.

BC: BongaCams’ biggest achievement, surely, is creating a unique, safe and dream-fulfilling community for everyone who sees their present and future in the webcam business. Thousands of people from all over the world, who love the adult industry, want to be self-sufficient, independent and taken care of.

Our biggest wish was to create such a platform for them, where all of their dreams, desires and needs will be fulfilled. That’s the milestone we already have achieved and are constantly working on making even better.

XBIZ: How does BongaCams distinguish itself in the competitive camming market?

BC: BongaCams stands out from other platforms with a number of unique features in addition to our personalized approach and dedication to the adult community.

Our user-friendly interface for models makes it easy to start broadcasting. We provide assistance to models every step of the way. We are the only freemium cam site that has a 24/7 telephone help line for models and we’re putting in a tremendous amount of effort to increase traffic to our platform, to make sure every model can earn as much as she wants.

All of these features come together to make BongaCams the best platform for models and users alike.

XBIZ: Talk about your approach to recruiting and retaining models. What seems to work best?

BC: We pride ourselves on genuine care for our models. We believe that offering an opportunity to not only have a high income, but to have a safe and supported environment to stream, is the key to recruiting models.

Our model managers are always available to help our models with any issues they may face, be it a technical problem or advice about the best strategy to earn as much as possible with us. We are always motivating models to dream big!

XBIZ: Describe the opportunities available through BongaCash.

BC: BongaCash is the affiliate program of BongaCams, which offers a wide range of exciting opportunities for affiliates to monetize their traffic.

With a CPA-based per signup model, affiliates can earn up to $4.50 for every single opt-in signup. Alternatively, the lifetime revshare model provides affiliates with up to 25% of generated revenue from their referred customers, allowing for steady earnings over time.

For a combination of both, we have a killer per sale plus revshare program that offers $40 per initial purchase plus 15% lifetime revshare.

And of course, the white label — our most converting promo tool — allows you to run a webcam site on your own domain.

XBIZ: What new features or technology have you recently rolled out to improve the site?

BC: In the last couple of months we have done quite a lot in regard to improving the website, making sure that everyone’s experience with BongaCams is flawless and, of course, pleasurable.

A lot of work was done on the web page for models,, from minor changes in design and personal cabinet tools to bigger updates, like adding on-request payouts in cryptocurrencies.

We are working on many surprises for models, ready to be released in the near future. Stay tuned for what’s coming up next!

XBIZ: How do you incorporate feedback from models to ensure they are empowered to thrive?

BC: BongaCams is the most supportive and reachable cam site and we do quite a lot to ensure that all the feedback is received by management. For that, we have 24/7 live chat and phone support, emails and personalized assistance from model managers.

To make sure we provide the best service possible and that everyone can give us their feedback, we use the Nicereply survey system.

We pay attention to what our models want and need, and always try to implement helpful features and tools to help models achieve their goals. There is nothing more important to us.

XBIZ: Share a few success stories from your top models, and how BongaCams helped them reach their goals.

BC: Every model on BongaCams has her own success story! If we can only choose a few, we want to share the stories of EvieRose and Catch_Me.

EvieRose, one of our top Romanian models, always wanted to buy her own car since the day she received her driver’s license. She started to work on BongaCams, had our full support and a few months later she was the happy owner of a brand-new Mercedes Benz.

And of course, Catch_Me is the real royalty of BongaCams. She has won the “Queen of Queens” contest 67 times and has the biggest number of followers. Everything is possible on BongaCams.

XBIZ: Which regions of the world do most of your models operate from, and how are you seeking to expand?

BC: We do not have any geo-restrictions — we have models from all over the world, literally. However, as we are the most popular cam site in Europe, we have quite a lot of European models. This year, we were recognized as the best cam site in Latin America due to all the efforts our Colombian team is making; that’s why we also have large numbers of LATAM models. At the moment we are working on expanding our influence in the United States.

XBIZ: What’s next for BongaCams, in 2023 and beyond?

BC: We plan to continue our model-oriented approach, focusing on providing the necessary support and resources to help our models succeed. We will increase our relevant traffic volumes to ensure our models can earn a sustainable income and run more promotional campaigns to support both existing and new models. And of course, most importantly, we will continue to develop the BongaCams community and fulfill the dreams of our models.


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