Q&A: New Content Platform Blisss Fosters Creative Collaboration

Q&A: New Content Platform Blisss Fosters Creative Collaboration

With the launch of Blisss, renowned performer and site owner Sabrina Deep is taking charge as the company’s brand manager and ambassador.

With an eye towards building a platform that will empower many independent models and B2B partners in the years to come, she is tapping into other talent and fostering behind-the-scenes relationships with key figures.

We have implemented a very simple system for creators to share feedback with their colleagues and the Blisss team. It’s like a think tank for helping us deliver the closest thing to their platform of choice.

Having cultivated a reputation in the industry as an outspoken performer, Deep hopes to leverage her candor and communication skills to address the challenges of scaling up a new site in a vertical that is already seeded with heavy competition.

Given the entrepreneurial chops and gritty start-up mentality required to get ahead in this industry, Deep is ramping up to take on all comers, incorporating the lessons she has learned from studying the landscape closely.

Learn how she plans to tap into the creator economy with aggressive moves and marketing know-how, in this company profile on Blisss.

XBIZ: The Blisss website says, “Blisss is a project entirely tailored around creators by creators which goes beyond the canonical relationship between them and their fans.” Can you elaborate on the meaning behind that mission?

BLISSS: We have decided to give a voice to creators, inspired by the open source software concept, and have built a solid framework for our platform based on my experience. But we are inviting other creators to test it and give their feedback before releasing it officially. This will allow us to fine-tune existing features and implement new ones according to their business needs.

“Going beyond the canonical relationship between creators and their fans” simply means that we have paid special attention to allowing interaction among performers. I have always felt that existing platforms were conceived in a vertical way, where performers cater to their fans with little or no chance to relate with other performers. At Blisss, we have implemented certain features which encourage those relationships and even allow their monetization.

XBIZ: As a performer yourself, can you explain what the benefits are of joining Blisss in today’s competitive market?

BLISSS: Our idea of a content creation platform is a dynamic one that adapts to market changes and creators’ needs. We will not stop listening to our artists once the invitational pre-launch comes to an end. Indeed, we cannot make everybody happy, but we believe that there are no reasons for not implementing a tool that the majority request, for example. Even if those changes affect the company profits in the short term, if they improve the creators’ productivity and sales, the company will benefit in the long run.

Another unique aspect of Blisss is that creativity doesn’t stop with content. A performer’s brand is essential to us, and we have added some features which stimulate and reward performers’ creativity when it comes to setting up and editing their profile.

XBIZ: What methods of monetization does Blisss offer and what are the payouts for content creators?

BLISSS: There are several tools and ways to monetize on and through Blisss. Creators can sell their content via one-time posts or monthly subscriptions, or both. Specific content can be sold to users who are not subscribed and upsold to those who already have a subscription. They can receive tips and sell specific products and services allowed by our terms of service. They can also monetize relationships with other performers, a neat feature that allows for free or paid cross-promotion within the platform.

And performers are free to promote their presence on other platforms, a further opportunity to monetize their own on Blisss. For example, users will be able to see when a certain performer is streaming live on a cam platform and jump straight into the stream. Unsubscribed users will get a chance to direct-message a creator by paying a per-message fee. There is more, but I’d rather not reveal it all!

One extra piece of information not directly related to immediate monetization, but a significant one nonetheless, is that we have built Blisss with equal opportunities in mind: organic internal promotion is possible on Blisss, and every performer gets such a benefit, no matter how established and popular they are. Starting payouts are 60% for content and 80% for anything different, tips included.

XBIZ: Does Blisss intend to cater to adult content only, or is there a future intent to add mainstream SFW fare to the platform as well?

BLISSS: Nowadays, it’s easy to separate SFW from NSFW content. The problem is how to address this separation for those who are only looking for SFW content. Blisss is open to everybody, but precisely because of that, we cannot avoid warning about the presence of adult content and therefore allowing access only to an adult audience. If SFW creators would like to join Blisss, they are more than welcome, as long as they are aware that we do not penalize adult content in any shape or form according to the current laws.

XBIZ: What are your main objectives in your capacity as an ambassador for Blisss?

BLISSS: There are many consolidated creation platforms out there. At the same time, I am perfectly aware that they don’t exactly meet certain creators’ needs. My main objective is to convince those creators to contribute to building and establishing a solid alternative that can help them greatly improve their business and further strengthen their brand. I have brought my performer and creator expertise into the development of Blisss, but only if it complements the values of other performers, can we accomplish our mission.

XBIZ: According to the Blisss Twitter account, the brand is now in pre-launch. Tell us what the next milestones will be and when the site will be fully operational.

BLISSS: Pre-launch starts middle of April, and it will last approximately 90 days. During this phase, we will initially be inviting select creators, who will progressively and repeatedly be given the opportunity to invite other creators (and fans also). For all of the pre-launch period, the site will be fully operational, including the payment gateway and payout system. However, a gradual opening gives us the chance to improve and add features according to our invitees’ feedback.

We have implemented a very simple system for creators to share feedback with their colleagues and the Blisss team. It is fully integrated with our posting tool, so everybody gets a chance to share their ideas and discuss those of others. It’s like a think tank for helping us deliver the closest thing to their platform of choice. We will also have a bi-weekly live stream open to everybody outside of the invite-only system, to collect even more feedback. Once the pre-launch comes to an end, we will open the site to everybody.

XBIZ: Are there any specific criteria a content creator must meet in order to have their work monetized via Blisss? How about terms of service they should be aware of?

BLISSS: I’m glad you asked this. Without going into details, we will have a classic ToS page with many legal words like everybody else. It’s going to function as the official document of reference, of course. Still, we will also have a video that summarizes those terms in plain English: a sort of "do's and don’ts" visual presentation to ensure that everybody understands the lawful regulations the platform and its users are subject to and our community policy. We know the amount of damage caused by a ban to a performer’s business, and limiting such eventuality to a minimum is paramount to us.

XBIZ: What are your biggest ambitions for the Blisss brand this year and beyond?

BLISSS: Criss Jami, an American poet, suggests, “Find a purpose to serve, not a lifestyle to live.” Everybody at Team Blisss believes that we must become the creation platform of reference and the one that creates a foundation for future evolutions of this specific industry branch.

We must never forget that we work for creators, not the other way around; they have the business’ real pulse, and we mustn’t fall into the trap of believing that we know better than they do. The Blisss brand must become a certification of quality like those “bio” labels on products, as an extension of each creator’s brand, not as a substitute. I understand that this is a pretty bold ambition, but because our mission is to involve all creators, I expect a lot of support towards the goal from them.

XBIZ: How can a creator get an invitation or get more information about Bliss?

BLISSS: Ask other performers, email or follow Blisss on Twitter @BlisssCompany. Once you have your invitational code, you can visit Blisss.Company and register for launch.

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