Articles by Ariana Rodriguez and Kim Airs


Meet the 2024 Class of Up-and-Coming Pleasure Brands to Watch

With each new year that rolls in, new pleasure brands emerge, and 2024 is no exception. Already this year, a slew of new entrants are rapidly gaining traction and recognition via social media, among retailers and distributors — and most importantly, end consumers.


Boutique Blazers: A Look at How Savvy Indie Retailers Are Navigating Latest Trends

Despite the rise of the internet, online shopping and the explosion of social media galloping across phone screens at an unprecedented pace, the centuries-old brick-and-mortar method of retail maintains its relevance by offering unique in-store experiences.


A Look at the Latest Sextech, Design Trends Shaping Pleasure Products

Sextech and pleasure product design have come a long way in recent years, with innovations leading to a surge of new products on the market. As consumers become savvier about sex and pleasure, the industry has responded with a range of options to satisfy their desires and meet their demands for top quality and innovation.

How Adult Creators Are Building Fruitful Bonds With Pleasure Brands

Whether fantasizing about having sex with adult stars or having sex like adult stars, fans will always be tempted by pleasure products endorsed by their favorite performers — and today that includes independent content creators who are stars on social media, camming and subscription platforms.

A Look at the Rise of LGBTQ+ Representation, Inclusivity in the Pleasure Market

When the calendar flips to June, as we all know, it means the start of Pride month, when gender and sexual preference diversity flies its rainbow of colors around the world.


Meet the Up-and-Coming Pleasure Purveyors of 2023

Despite the COVID pandemic, the last few years have seen several new ventures emerge that are poised to disrupt the pleasure products industry with their inventions, creativeness, ingenuity, passion and gumption.


A Look at the Year's Top Toys for Holiday Gift-Giving

Tis the season for holiday shopping, and the adult retail industry is getting in the spirit with end-of-the-year product releases, holiday-themed wares and packaging for extra-special gift giving.


A Look at the Movement Towards Eco-Friendly Pleasure Products

The year: 2020. The topic: climate change. The response: becoming more environmentally aware in all aspects of consumerism — and yes, that includes the pleasure products industry.